Your tips on how to spend your £25 Amazon voucher every time you refer a friend

  • 9 April 2018
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As a Pure Planet member you get a free £25 Amazon voucher every time you recommend a friend who goes onto to join. And your friends get a £25 voucher too. It’s a handy thank you for sharing the love of renewables.

You can refer more than one person — as many as you like, in fact — and then save up your vouchers to spend all at once.

So, connect four people and you get £100. Put another way, that’s more than the monthly equivalent energy bill for a typical household. And it’s tax free.

But if you want to spend your rewards one voucher at a time that’s fine too. You can do a lot of sustainable good with each £25.

Thanks to community members @Jon1 and @Bev and @woz who helped @LauraS compile this useful list of 25 smart, sustainable suggestions you can buy for £25.

So, go on, tell a friend about Pure Planet. Treat yourself, and them. Just tap the link on the home screen of your app.

Food and Drink
1. Metal Straws. Skip the plastic straws and bring your own
2. Chugg Mug. A coffee cup you can reuse
3. Beeswax wraps. Great way to cut out clingfilm and keep food fresh
4. Canvas bags. Shopping without plastic bags
5. Vegetarian Cookbook. Reduce your meat consumption with tasty meals
6. Refillable water bottle. No need for disposable plastic bottles

Personal Hygiene
7. Bamboo Toothbrush. This one made us smile
8. Handkerchief. Old fashioned? Yes. Waste reducing? Definitely.
9. Moon Cup. Reduce the environmental impact of disposable sanitary products. If you’d like to learn more, check out No More Taboo.

House and Home
10. LED light bulbs. A stylish energy saving take on the classic lightbulb
11. Indoor Herb kit. A little garnish in your life
12. Storage jars. Refill these at local shops to cut down on waste
13. Wooden scrubbing brushes. We think these scrub up well

14. Film: ‘A Plastic Ocean’.  Have a look at our campaign to find out more
15. DVD: Blue Planet II.  Let Attenborough teach you about our planet
16. Book: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. A great read on some of the root issues to global warming
17. Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondō. Minimalism can really help the planet, find out how

Active Lifestyle
18. Rechargeable Bike Lights. No single use batteries and a sustainable way to travel
19. Solar powered phone charger. The power of the sun: pocket sized

Pets and Wildlife
20 Make a Bee Hotel.  Help boost the bee population from your back door
21 Eco-friendly dog poop bags. Biodegradable? It’s in the bag.
22 Wildflower seeds. An easy way to help bees, bugs and butterflies

23. Responsibili-Tee. Support Patagonia and the great work they do
24. Solmate Socks. Made from 100% recycled cotton blend yarns
25. More socks, Buy something to donate to those in need

Got any more ideas? Share them below.

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