What what YOU like to put in Room 101?

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1. BBC Licence Fee

It criminalises more than 150,000 people each year.

It discriminates against women – licence fees holders are equally split between male and female but 70% of those who receive a criminal conviction are women.

It is a regressive tax that must be paid by people who only wish to view broadcast commercial television.

2. The Honours system

Did you hear the one about a tycoon who was offered a knighthood, but he turned it down as he didn’t want people to think he was too mean to afford a peerage.

Luvvies and sports folk get enough recognition anyway?

3. Carbon emissions.

Something we can all agree on?

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Nice post @Lenny 🆙 I'm very interested to see what Members would like to put into Room 101;)

For me it has to be anyone who folds their empty crisp packet into a neat little triangle....in you go!

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The car horn
​Or should I say, the INAPPROPRIATE USE of the car horn! In an ideal world, the horn would only sound when pressed in its right place, ie for an emergency to warn a driver or pedestrian. Way way way too many morons today use it to simply say hello, goodbye, in road rage to simply vent their anger by non stop hooting, or to blast it when going past a pedestrian (usually me!) expecting you to know just who they are thru the dark windows when they speed by! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Often they don’t even know the pedestrian, just blast for the hell of it if you so much as wear a vest top 🙄🙄🙄🙄😂!
Love this thread @Lenny - I didn't realise the stats about licensing and the percentage of women convicted? Any ideas why that is?😕

Not sure what I'd put in Room 101... I think I'd have to go for TV/film spoilers!!

The final Avengers film recently came out and even though everyone's worked so hard to keep the plot a secret, there are immediately so many spoilers all over the place!!

I'm sure many GoT fans will have also found this issue ☝️
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Hello @Nataly,

According to some reports the BBC has commissioned, one of the reasons is that women are more likely to be at home when the investigators call.

You can see the original report 'TV Licence Fee Enforcement Review' from the link below:


The follow up Gender Disparity Report is available below:

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I purchased a super supreme bird feeder and it looked impressive, but the birds go nowhere near it.
I have this old feeder the birds go straight to, cue up to use it even when its empty whilst the shiny new supremethingy just remains full up with seeds. I've extended the 4 perches to no avail. The feed holes are small but the small birds ignore it.
Perhaps its the light greenish colour that does not register with the birds.
Bonk in it goes
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I'm often troubled by the TV licence and the BBC. I've always scoffed at the people who say the beeb is biased to one particular political party or has agenda's but increasingly I'm thinking this is the case. Reading between the lines or looking at the bigger picture you can spot the agendas in many cases IMO.
And the licence fee also funds the other terrestrial TV stations to some extent I beileve?

That said, it's NOT just TV and the bbc radio and website are very informative and a good source of factual information (of course, you should always check more than one source).

But the biggest reason I'm for this is because the alternatives are the Murdoch Empire which want nothing more than to control their own agenda.
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And the licence fee also funds the other terrestrial TV stations to some extent I beileve?

I think although this was considered, any plans to do so have now been abandoned:
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Apart from most of the spongers, sorry MPs, at Westminster I'm not sure I will have to get back to you!
I think I'll put people that don't say 'thank you' to the bus driver in Room 101!

It's a quick and simple nice courteous thing to do and can really make the difference to someone's day in what is an incredibly difficult job.
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And not just to the bus driver, Ben. It’s becoming more and more and more apparent just how much manners are totally going out the window. So many people totally absorbed in their own little bubble 🙄🙄🙄👎👎👎👎😡
That's such a lovely one @ManchesterBen ❤️

Public transport can bring the worst out in people can't it @Bev! Espesh during commuting hours...

But you do also see acts of kindness (most commonly people giving up seats, helping each other up/down the big steps between platform and train) - on the train the other day someone needed to buy a ticket but was about 30p short and without hesitating the woman next to him gave him the 30p :raisinghands:
I think I could write a book, however, I will stick to my current bug-bear, and try to avoid making it 'political':

People who share 'facts' on the internet, without providing evidence, who then claim you are talking bovine excrement, when you point out with actual verifiable facts that they are talking gibberish.

The internet is a great tool for sharing valuable world changing information, and putting like-minded people together for the common good, unfortunately it also makes it very easy to share lies, propaganda, and outright cons.

On the bright side, once my share of the 400 Billion US Dollars turns up from Nigeria, I'll buy my own private island and ignore everyone.
Another contender for Room 101 - rain-clouds covering up the beautiful sun!

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Oooooooooh, just reminded me, Nat!

Yesterday, walking into city centre, full attire, waterproofs and umbrella ☔️, but this absolute IDIOT 😡😡😡😡decided, unlike the other mindful cautious drivers, he’d go full speed passed little old me 🏃*♀️walking along. I kid you not, when I say a HUGE wave 🌊 of water went right over me, umbrella didn’t save me, the water gushed right into my 👂, actually hurting my ear drum, and my hair was saturated. The water also went right into my right sneaker. I didn’t react, else he’d have won, but I was livid, and calmly told myself karma would prevail 🙏.

Had to apologise when arriving at Specsavers as seriously looked like a drowned 🐀! I tell you, drivers like him, as he sooooo did it on purpose, should sooooooo be in that room 101 😡😡😡😡👎
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Modern zealots.