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What made me happy today

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Hi all

In another community I'm a member of, we have a thread where everybody just says what's made them happy this day. Thought it would be nice for here too! 😀

And we're not restricted to posting only once!

To start: I was woken up by my cat purring in my ear. The sun is out, and I had a lovely walk to work in beautiful Bath from where I parked.
I'm also happy today because my dad is feeling loads better after coming out of hospital. Tonight I'm seeing friends for tea and food.

Over to you 👍

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My birthday! 🆙
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coming home to a parcel and thinking 'I don't think I've ordered anything, and then being amazed and delighted at the goodies from PP. Especially when I realised 2 of the photos on the calendar were mine!

Fantastic. 👍👍👍

thanks to @Marc, @Nataly and all the PP team.

​​​​​​​Merry Christmas to you all 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄
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Go for it Bev, lovely positive news. 😄🇬🇧
I realised today it’s 31 years since I passed my driving test 🙀. I was soooo thrilled as first time too, but nowadays I do not miss driving one single bit 👍

Ha! I had a little giggle earlier when from out of nowhere a thought - completely randomly - popped into my head that I might like to get a motorbike.
So from the early signs of my imminent mid-life crisis it looks like it's going to be fun!
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Badge +8’s my dad’s 74th birthday 🎈🎉, that made me happy today, as last year he survived prostate cancer and kidney failure 💕👏
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ha..I only know 2 things about faslane, nuclear subs and wasn't there talk of moving the naval base to gib?
hope the weather holds..
I went for a wee potter about on Ladybird today. Very little wind, but it was 'Taps Aff!', just shorts and sunblock, plus floppy hat and sunglasses. I didn't go anywhere, just out to the Tail o' the Bank, down to the Cloch and back to my mooring near Faslane.
​Bet that will get some of you Googling 🆒
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Doesn't the Aeropress get a bit messy @Strutt G 🤔?

Good morning @Marc - no mess at all it makes great coffee and thought I'd miss the stove top and now no rush looking for a valve.
Go to the Pact coffee website and checkout the various brewing methods including the Aeropress.
Cup of nice smooth quality black coffee (or with Pea Milk) with dark chocolate and your all set up to go.
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is there a groan button anywhere - maybe there should be...
...on the other hand THIS was quite interesting.
A weasel walks into a bar. The bartender says “Wow, I’ve never served a weasel before. What can I get you?”

“Pop,” goes the weasel.
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Hey @Jon1 is @Jon2 going to be chatting here too? Like a sort of 'good cop' and 'bad cop' thing? 🤔

Hmmm now thats an idea. I suppose we could have very public arguments with each other giving differant views. 1 could be for brexit with 2 being a remainer for example (brexit debates are usually lively) just to see who else joins in.
Man utd/city. Corbyn/may the list is endless.....

But then again proberly better not as i dont want to fall out with myself.haha.
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Two things make me happy today :):)

My infinitely better half and I are off to Fuerteventura for a week of winter sunshine.

I submitted a set of meter readings and Wattbot told me my gas reading was lower than expected.

Happy days Woz! Have a great holiday.
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Back again.
Do miracles still happen?2142

My question about miracles has been answered with a firm NO they dont happen.
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Our best ever season in the age of the premiership and a silver medal in the cup. I would of taken that at start of season, so now onto next year were waiting to see which of the pozzo family players are transferred to watford. And will the manager last another full season?
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i copied and pasted my code, and it worked fine 👍
Sorry had to check what it was and I am laughing 😂
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The lifting of the crazy 5 Mile Rule Covid travel restrictions in Wales!
Now planning our visit to see grandchildren- yipeeeeeeeee 🥰🥰

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Thought of you Dasp, no lie, whilst watching the highlights last night 👍👏
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Hi Strutt G, it’s 22.05pm, game finished - what on earth is going on in football ⚽️ .
SPURS V LIVERPOOL ������������������������������������������������
​AMAZING ������������������������

PS - Strutt G household must be a happy place ������������������������
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What can I say - FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
Great antidote to the 'election blues'.
Writing my 1000th post in this wonderful Community 😎

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Have been painting all day today - popped in for a tea break and noticed an uplifting email from Pure Planet with a lovely reward attached. BIG BIG thank you to Marc, Nataly and all the PP team. 👏👏👏👏

Nurse Serena coming to see me, saying the burns on my foot healed so I can wash me feet. My luttle girl Judy jumpung up on her scratchpole showing Nursey how Judy gives me her paw.

My Carer getting me dressed, cos I'm off t Gym at last. Every day in August it was raining or I was having a lot of pain, but today I'm all psyched up to work real hard. This belly is driving me nuts.
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Watching on TV the awesome flypast ✈️for the queens birthday, Trooping of the Colour 🇬🇧👍. Too superb for words! Included Typhoons, tornadoes, Puma, Chinook 🚁, and of course the beyond awesome Red Arrows. Made my day, and now the French Open 🎾ladies final!
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@Bev, I quite agree, but when you still believe in Santa, you can soon bring things in control especially when he gets really cross :o

Not sure about a cheese advent calendar, definitely not at £8 😕
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Sorry Bev, I've deleted the post, - they were right on my phone and wrong on my computer, my sincere apologies for doubting.
​Now I have to find out why...
ahhh I don't think it's fixable or at least not on my computer, the photos are actually rotated but the phone corrects the rotation and the computer doesn't...maybe there's an option buried somewhere, but I haven't found it.
Oh they were already rotated fine on mine our Wozeeta! How bizarre ������
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it’ll be food sex or territory (this probably applies to kids too but I’m talking about the cats)
We have now become the cat magnet in our area, once they get an idea of cat treat availability they appear, one is possibly a stray (not sure yet) another lives 2 doors away!
or Merry is being stalked in her/ his territory or the opposite
Always a worry when they disappear especially if older.
​I hope she/he is chipped (the cat not the kids but the way things are going kids will be chipped soon)

Congrats @Gabolino. We have 2 boys in their teens now. Enjoy every moment.

- - - Updated - - -

On another level our cat Merry has just been found after having gone missing very uncharacteristically (is that correct?) for 48hrs. Happy dayz🆙