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What made me happy today

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Great news, and love the name!😂

Is it one of those ones that bumps into a wall and changes direction to cover everywhere, or is it smarter than that?😎

No he's not that smart! He doesn't so much bump as detect obstacles in his path - does it well though. I'd prefer if he had a bit more of a logical pattern to him but for the price he does an amazing job and does it quietly. Main thing was how would he deal with pet hair and I'm surprised how good it is for such a small machine.

It would be interesting to do a comparisson of cost of keeping on charge vs 'normal' vacuum cleaner use.
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Enjoy & relax and come back recharged Nataly.
Take care,
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My Daughter was invited to be a mascot for our local (Nat1) Rugby team yesterday. They'd visited school and she loved it so we dropped them an e-mail to say thanks. From that she was mascot, given a shirt, treated brilliantly and we got hospitality too (mmmm, steak and potatoe pie!). We plan to go again ans despite our (very young) team being awful, we had a fantastic day.
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Sooooooo thrilled for you Ange! You couldn’t have had more perfect weather☀️😎! Idyllic! Nothing beats a ☕️when you get home tho!
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ooooo, the exact model I'm looking at. Let me know your thoughts @Gray4276 How is the Alexa integration? What's the magic remote like? I've taken screen/picture quality as a granted. Is teh UI responsive and fast?

And if you don't mind, what did you pay for it? It's fluctuated a bit over the last week. I'm trying to hold on for Friday but it's a good price as it is last couple of days.
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Ah, you’ll love it Nat! Can’t believe you’ve never been 🙀🙀🙀, a costly day out so great winning four👍👏🎟🎟🎟🎟🎢🎡🎠👍
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Walking out of work at 12pm today, on holiday now for 2 whole weeks. Off to the Peak District tomorrow, yeah ������������������
AND the sun is shining ������������������

Have a lovely time Angelabikerbabe 🌞🌞
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coming home to find this and some other goodies (my daughter loves the stickers with dinosaurs in!)

what a wonderful community we have. Thanks to the PP team.
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Hotter than Miami and Cu a today apparently Dai ������������������������������������☀️������������

Hi Bev, I agree, however, slightly cooler here in South Wales but still blisteringly hot ������������- I love it ������

What's made me happy (and also nervous) is getting my Bath Uni registration through, one week before I start a two-year Executive MBA.
This is going to be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

Three days of classes start tomorrow.
I'm getting a bit excited, like a kid on Christmas Eve :p

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Stunning Duppy, stunning 🙀👏👍, hope it was a gorgeous day without a hiccup 👍👰🤵💕

What made me happy today was seeing a photo of how 80s/90s TV ‘personality’ Pat Sharp looks like today.


Pat Sharpe in 1991



Pat Sharp today. Image credit The Guardian



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Beautiful clip Gabo, sooooooo heartwarming 💕, especially the second one being a tad more tentative bless, then skipping off happy. Gorgeous.

I’ve some major catching up to do on this thread, not sure whether to go for one post, or multiples.

Anyway, for now, I will go for one, and Marc or Nat can tell me if they need splitting:

In probably no particular order.

Foot injury healed up.


I’m actually making progress on the reorganization/tidying-up of the shed.

I’ve discovered you can still get parts for old Black and Decker Workmates.


Heidi and I have come to a possible agreement on the ‘reorganization’ of the computer/craft room.


The Desktop Computer’s ‘death’ turned out not to be ‘permanent’.


Several of these ‘positives’ have minor/major caveats, but that’s life.


This has made me happy 🚀
Just spotted my 2000 post badge 🙀👍🙃😊

Amazing stuff @Bev 🤪🤗
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WOWSA!!!!!!! That is HUGE!!!!!!! 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀. That’ll be sooooooo delicious! Well jealous!
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What me happy today? That my daughter was happy with only 10 minutes playing football on the green. I’m not fit enough for much more 😂
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Popped onto Uswitch just for a teeny tickle 😂, and pleased to see PP still remain cheapest for both MY property AND my parents property 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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ha ha @Nataly we've also been chucklin about that video!

My son's team finished 2nd. He loved it all. We're very proud of him (and his sister who supported him all day)
This made me happy today.

Not one of mine, but the handiwork of @Georgie

Look at the craftmanship! The care and precision! 10/10 👏👏👏
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Perfect Nat, way too hot to be in the kitchen 😅😅😅😅. Enjoy to the max 🌭🥙🥗🌮🍔🍗🧀🥖🔥☀️☀️☀️😎
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Thats it all jobs jobbed despite the relentless rain. Im off on holiday now.
Does anyone know somewhere its not raining????

Clue might be in your “level 72” status - Cosmic. Have a relaxing time wherever you go 👍
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Today I’ve used my very generous community reward
to purchase some binoculars (as a Father’s Day present time myself!). I’m turning more into my dad every day!

also got a new wall light for outside. No more energy saving on that anymore (I removed the bulb when it was permanently on! )
David j;42648:

Is this what you consumed before attending the "Awards Evening " 😂😂😂

That jam and peanut butter combo is better than any award IMHO @David j