Watch the seasons

  • 25 December 2020
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My wife likes to draw and many inspirations come from what is seen around us. March saw us walking more and we watched the seasons change from buds appearing on the trees, birds singing and getting busy, spring flowers, fresh green leaves, crops growing and changing and the world become alive and then change again to winter. Her plan is to take some photos on our walks at least once a month and record it. Many don’t notice what is going on around them.

3 replies

This is lovely @G4RHL. Lockdown has meant going on a lot more walks in the same local area over almost the course of a year, so the changing seasons have become much more noticeable. 

It’s funny what you see when you stop and look around! 


We don’t look. We should. Remember we see with our eyes, our sense of smell (Covid permitting!) and touch. Science has established that plants and trees give off an essence that benefits our wellbeing. One can’t smell or see it, and but it is what makes walking in the countryside that much better and why we feel better for it. We breathe it in. Science has also ascertained that plants do communicate with each other, but sadly for Prince Charles they don’t hear us!

Been out for a local walk, just back, cold, wet but great to have the fresh air. All free.

Talking of local, under the new rules we are allowed one period of exercise outside “in our local area” but local area is not defined. I have looked at the actual regulations and no, no definition. It is not necessarily one’s own patch, for example, one’s Parish Council area. When the tier structure started local area was said to be the area the tier covers. Thus in my case the whole of the County! I’ll stick to within a few miles of my home. And if I do that there is a baker’s shop on the way back and they do nice pasties and fresh cream donuts!

The future is though bright, it is not Orange, it could be a pure planet!

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I had a local appointment today but arrived early, so took a detour, and ended up walking by my primary school. Lovely to see the familiar streets of my childhood areas, and where friends had lived.No country smells or fresh healthy air, as inner city, but a wonderful free walk, full of gorgeous memories.