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  • 8 December 2018
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I live in a 4 bedroom house with gas CH,due to my sons moving out to start their own households, I now have 2 unocupied bedrooms, each room has a radiator with a TRV.
Do I keep the radiators on, or turn them off and close the doors, essentially creating cold spots. At present there is no room thermostat, relying on the trv's to regulate the temperature of the house.
Any advice welcome

2 replies

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Hello duppy.
This subject is a vary personnal choice, but for me my radiators all have a digital thermostat so the temperture setting in each room is differant according to how that room is used. These also allow me to set differant temps on differant days. For example office space is set at 21c 9-5 mon-fri 10c all other times. Lounge lower in day higher temp at night. I would never turn off completly as this can cause condensation and damp.
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Thermostatic radiator valves are the answer. Cheap enough and easy to fit. Just turn them down in unoccupied rooms and turn them back up when the boys come home.
it is not a good idea to shut radiators off totally. There should always be a certain amount of circulation.