Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube Music?

  • 13 August 2019
  • 3 replies

Do you use any of these for your music streaming?

The basic premium level for all 3 streaming services is £9.99 a month so there's no difference in price, & so I was wondering if anyone has a particular recommendation!

I think Spotify may be better in terms of linking to other devices such as Sonos speakers and, obviously, Apple is dependent on having an Apple device which isn't that popular judging from our Apple v Google phones poll:rolleyes:

A bit like for choosing a new phone it'd be interesting to hear peoples' preferences and the two may even be linked (Android = spotify, Apple = Apple Music?). 🆙
It'd be great to hear your thoughts!

Which music streaming service do you prefer?

3 replies

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I use Amazon Music. There is a £7.99/Month option but I just use the free version. No adverts, it just stops occasionally (perhaps once per album or playlist) to ask if you want to pay.
Hey Nataly,

Can't believe you didn't include Amazon Music in your poll. When used with Alexa it's brilliant.... and no adverts 10 out of 10 for me.
@Oakbank @Gray4276

Y'know what... I didn't even realise about Amazon music:eek:

Does that go hand-in-hand with Amazon prime? And if you don't want that you can use the free version?

Hmmm... going to have to look into this!