Show us your power-hungry pets!

  • 21 October 2020
  • 6 replies

Do you have a large fish tank, or a lizard who needs a heat lamp? Or even a tarantula that loves a heat mat? :spider:


We’d love to hear about and see pics of your power-hungry pets! :heart_eyes:

Maybe you have a cat who demands the radiators are on for that extra bit of warmth… whatever floats your pets’ boat! 

Smudge enjoying the radiator being turned on...


6 replies

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Hee hee, bless 🐱💕🔥, great thread Nat 👍

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I can hear her “I shall report you for cruelty if this heater is not turned on immediately!”

You have to do what the boss says Nat!

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Tina and zoe enjoying dinner under their heat lamp

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That is a gorgeous photo! 💕🐢🐢💕 - nice to see you back, Georgina 👍

Hey @georginabutcher thanks for posting! 

This is an awesome pic, very cute :heart_eyes:  I think I’m correct in saying they’re tortoises? (not turtles!) 

Looking nice and warm under their heat lamp, too :smiley:

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Yes deffo tortoises xx