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Pure Planet Community photo challenge May 2021- Patterns

Hi everyone, and welcome to May’s (yes, May!) photo challenge. 

A big thank you to everyone who posted in last month’s popular ‘mystery challenge’ photo theme, it was very entertaining indeed! @StuartB’s pic proved the most mysterious, so he’s chosen May’s theme to be ‘patterns’ - that can be either man-made, or natural. 

To kick things off, @StuartB has shared this gorgeous pic of a recent Scottish morning frost. 

 Looking forward to seeing all the pretty, weird and wacky patterns everyone can snap!:camera_with_flash:

What is the photo challenge?
Each month, Community members take photos based on a theme and share them in a thread.
The winner is the photo with the best feedback and likes from other members, and the winner can then pick the next month's theme.
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Great photo challenge idea @StuartB looking foward to some creative patterns! 


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Love this idea @StuartB!

I came across this amazing patterned ceiling in an art gallery in Venice, I was so fascinated by all the little intricate faces. 

Art gallery ceiling in Venice, Italy. 


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Good subject!  

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Gorgeous ceiling, Mads 👍😳👏, love those little faces! That is sooooo unusual 👍

Thank you @Bev, I must admit I spent more time staring at the ceiling than looking at the works of art on the walls!