POLLY : Since lockdown, has it made you reconsider your work situation?

  • 30 July 2020
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Having been furloughed, or encouraged to work from home, over these past few months during the pandemic, has it made you think more about your situation?

Has the pandemic changed how you feel about work?

9 replies

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:penguin: great timing @Bev 

Lockdown 2.0 just started.



(^that’s a parrot emoji in disguise)




good polly


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Rumour has it that woz didnt like his neighbours anyway.

But back onto the subject, i have moved forward my retirement plans as the importance of life seems shorter. So now i plan on travelling around while doing volunteer work in return for food. Turms out tens of 1000's of places do this. Found a good site at workaway.com

I have been lucky in that my job has not been affected by the new world order but it has made me consider my choices so lets wait and see. 

:penguin: great timing @Bev 

Lockdown 2.0 just started.

Are you affected @woz ? Take care :mask:

So much for this afternoon’s BBQ! Northerners locked down. Darn it. ⛓️ Mind you, it’s not actually illegal yet 😈

As for the question,

7) I’d been WFH for a couple of years so no change really. Although I miss seeing people outside of work.

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It’ll be lockdown for everyone soon, I can see it coming our 25 notes

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We’ve been lucky, in IT our company hasn’t. Even affected too much. 
as I head up the education IT side it’s been manic - and I’ve got into the bad habit of working from the sofa - and because I enjoy my work I never switch off. 

im ready to go back to the office/ schools. I’ve liked being At home for the most part but we’ve been so busy since moving from onsite support to purely help desk based. 


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Having been furloughed, or encouraged to work from home, over these past few months during the pandemic, has it made you think more about your situation?

I am lucky as being retired lockdown has been enjoyable. My exercise routine had to change as I go, or did go to the gym,  each day, but that was no big issue. The gym is now open again. We have walked more and enjoyed what is on our doorstep. Plus no need to go shopping - for anything!

However, I know of and have talked to a number of people, who have been furloughed or working from home, for whom lockdown has made them think carefully about their situation, their future and what they really want from it.  Two certainly are going to retire a little earlier than they would have. The reflective time they have had has given them time to consider everything. Time they normally would not have had. They have put their notice in.

Others are changing their lifestyle a little. Some I used to see in the gym who, when I bump into them (not literally) tell me they are not going back, they can get just as much exercise out in the fresh air. Mind you for them some did not do a lot when in the gym!

Covid has given lots of heartache and grief but it has also invoked needed changes in how many approach life including greater communication amongst people and mutual support. Let’s hope that continues.

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It’s definitely brought with it some positives, definitely. 

Halted the fast paced economy right down, and giving people time to stop, think, and analyse what they’re doing. Giving them time to think “what am I doing on this hamster wheel?!” “Could I manage without this salary? Do I just THINK I can’t do without it?” (Especially when redundancy is an option of course) 

It’s making people hopefully stop and enjoy the simpler things in life, things that often go unnoticed when caught up in the ratty race 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐁. They’re realising there’s a whole different simpler world out there to see and enjoy, without it costing a fortune. 

Making others, if they didn’t before, become more aware of their health, and also hygiene of course. Masks, distancing, sanitiser, all make for a much much much cleaner society. 

Less shopping, even online shopping, of things you don’t need, just buy for the sake. A time to think about curbing the greed, and the thought of constantly needing to work and spend. Things that are not really needed, non essential goods, clothes, holidays abroad etc. Just etched into our brains, often thinking we can’t change that cycle. 

It’s possible to lower the stress, slow down the pace, and simply enjoy the best you can, at a time like this,

Sometimes it takes something soooooo radical before the human race even thinks about changing their ways.  Very much a “creatures of habit” race, and it’s not until something as extreme as this happens, that we take a long hard look and analyse things. 

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Im changing my answer to 


Thats all im saying for now.