POLLY - A magic wand to combat Corona (REVISED)

  • 19 October 2020
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So, in an ideal world, there’d be zero disease, but in a semi ideal world, if there was a wizard 🔮who could touch your head with his wand, to grant you lifelong immunity from Corona, for you AND all your immediate family, what would you be willing to pay? 💶💶💶💶💳


What would you pay to be totally immune for life of COVID?

3 replies

ooooh, interesting one @Bev :open_mouth:

I’m sure Tesco will end up doing BOGOF on Covid medicines soon enough….. 

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So there I was crossing the train tracks, but I spotted the train and narrowly avoided being hit by it. Unfortunately I didn’t spot the second train coming from the opposite direction…

The moral of the story...

If the first one doesn’t get you the next one will...

I don’t think I would bother to pay for immunity. I think you will find more people die falling down their stairs at home than from Covid.