POLL: Are New Year’s resolutions still a thing?

  • 11 January 2022
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… or are they getting a bit outdated? That was my opinion, but I did a bit of digging, and it seems like that’s not the case!

According to YouGov, one in seven Brits is making a New Year's resolution this year - compared to one in nine who did for 2021

We want to know what kind of New Year's resolutions you’ve made, or if you’re just not that into them.

Cast your vote from the options below, and feel free to jump into the replies and let us know your thoughts, or even how your resolutions are going!

None of these apply? Let us know what you think in the replies!

If you’re a bit behind on making yours, it’s not too late, take a look at our 21 day challenge, all about sustainable resolutions in January 2022 and get involved!  There’s still 20 days to go, so why not try to make a little change?

Are New Year’s resolutions still a thing?

3 replies

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Nice Polly our Jen 👍😁, nice Polly. 

I think if a change is to be made, I do it as soon as I think about it. However, I do think NY is the one time of year when we give potential change even MORE focus and thought. I think NY, for me anyway, tends to be more about emphasising the goal rather than setting it, so just a reminder really, to reinforce it. 

I think when we’re younger, and learning, resolutions are fun and a positive thing to do. You like to think, once we get a little older, like 94 🤣🤣🤣🙃😉, if anything, it’s just a tweak, a teeny tweak, that we might feel necessary. 

But yes, the whole “New year resolution” statement just gets people shrugging these days, I think most people have either made the decisions / changes / learnt a new skill, thru the year OR they’re simply creatures of habit who will never make a change, because they don’t want to. 

Its a good time IMO, to casually assess - see what we like, see what we don’t like so much, and tweak if necessary 👍👍👍

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Awww I’m glad you like my Polly, our @Bev :blush:  my first one!

I’m very much in agreement with what you’re saying as well.  I was thinking as well, that over the last couple of years, people have had time during lockdown to do things they maybe normally wouldn’t have done.  

I feel like the new year has given me some newfound energy for my own goals!  I’ve started eating much better and looking after myself a bit more, and even managed to start shifting the lockdown weight I put on.  Hoping by March I’ll be feeling fit enough to do the Cancer Research UK’s 10,000 steps a day challenge to raise some money for them!

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Oh spooky our Jen, as hadn’t had much time today to log in, and as soon as I logged in just now, before reading any posts, I went to the 10,000 steps thread to update re my fracture. Spooky! Our Marc used to love the steps thread, it’s a smashing way for us to playfully encourage each other, I love to add mine after supermarket walks etc, and especially now re the foot, to show how it’s healing, as the steadiness part of the app has been sooooooo useful, Jen. 

I think you’re right re lockdown, I am especially hearing, no lie, people saying about embracing the simple life. I think they tell me, cos they know it’s something I like, and yes it’s a pity it takes a pandemic before some enjoy those simple wondrous things surrounding them, but it’s a great positive that more and more and more are starting to appreciate. 

Weekends are deffo showing me a move away from that rat race of shopping people habitually did, heading straight to city centre purely cos it was Saturday. No more. Weekends are sooooooo quiet and it’s lovely. Really refreshing. 

I am going to look forward to seeing you in the steps thread our Jen, cos it’s no way a competition, no way. It’s just about sharing and seeing how we are doing. That is sooooo lovely re Cancer Research goal 👍👏👏👏👏👏, and fab that you’ve done your first Polly hee hee 👍👏😁🙃