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Sometimes, our lovely community buddies are conspicuous by their absence 😢

I notice two missing members, in particular. Not seen our Strutty nor our Dai in absolute weeks 😢😢😢

Hopefully this little thread might be useful if you want to tell others you won’t be around, or just if you want to ask after somebody that hasn’t been seen for a while 👍. 

Hopefully our Dai 💕and our Strutty 💕are both well, and may be back soon 👍👏 

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Awww, thank you @Bev  and @25 quid  - all good thank you, just super busy : ) 

On top of home schooling I’m also working two jobs and just hit a really busy period in both. One has a ridiculous amount of deadlines for a testing phase we are about to enter and in the other I’ve finally been able to launch a new product I’d been working on during lockdown (whilst also trying to get on top of the unforeseen impacts that brexit brought with it).

I’ll be back properly soon :hugging:

As @Nataly begins the journey back from Dorset, I shall be looking out for her as I head the other way! Yep, signing off soon for a week of leave. Planning to write some homework (yuk), but mostly to relax. Got some day trips in mind - Dorset too (as though the locals hadn’t suffered enough :laughing: ) as well as Wales perhaps, and even Weston-super-Mare for all the fun!

Is this what the Victorians had to do for every holiday?! 

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I won't be around much for a little while, joining a sailing expedition that's due to take 3 weeks, run by armed forces veterans charity Turn to Starboard. I'll be crewing on a yacht sailing down from Scotland to Falmouth via the Isle of Man. Looking forward to some exciting times afloat, great scenery and some wildlife no doubt too.

There will be postings on Turn to Starboard's social media, if you want to follow along. You can also see the work they do at www.turntostarboard.co.uk

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Hi Marc & Bev, Oh and bless you Bev for wondering where we are! As Marc had suggested, we are still organising & encouraging tradesmen and women to quote & undertake essential work - lounge carpet going down tomorrow then a two week gap before kitchen floor is laid. We are still painting but that is coming to an end soon, we are taking the opportunity to paint etc while others are working around us. Also, we’ve been catching up with the grandchildren & taking then to Folly Farm near Tenby West Wales and visiting our local lovely Gower beaches as the weather has been favourable. Anyway, I will be more active in the community soon. 

Look after yourself Bev,


Dai 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Have a great weekend/week everyone - see you all on 14 December! 

I’m off to do some DIY :grin:

let’s hope it goes better than this...


Hey everyone, just posting here to let you know I’m off for a few days, to enjoy a long weekend down in Dorset :grinning: (no sun forecast though unfortunately!). 

I’ll be back on Monday - hope you all have a good rest of the week, and weekend! 

Have a great Easter weekend everyone! 
I’m sneaking in a few more days, and I’ll be back at the races on Mon 12 April. M’learned colleague @Nataly is here for you :relaxed:

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been abandoned? :sweat::laughing:

A man with a white beard has to self isolate.

Annnnnnnnnnd I’m back. Wow, that didn’t seem very long.

Current status: Staring at about 100 unread emails, 50 or so messages. 

Going for a coffee. Hope everyone is keeping well and had a good Easter. Did I miss anything? :laughing:

Just to say I’m off tomorrow for a day of brunching and pumpkin carving :grin:  have a nice weekend folks! Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

You Tier 1 folk… You know how to live it up!! 😱

Oh, that reminds me @Bev I’m away next week! Tenerife, Malasia, Greece, Isle of Man. :laughing:

Aaah, counting down the hours.

I’m off tomorrow (Fri 17 Sep) and all of next week. Not doing or going anywhere v exciting, maybe a few days in Devon or Dorset, and most likely a visit to the ‘rentals to play the role of tech support, dutiful son, loft re-arranger and memory jogger :laughing:

I’ll be seeing all you beautiful lot on Monday 27 Sep.

Yoda is out of office

Oh, and a PS. It’s now just 99 days until Christmas!


Annnnnnnnnd I’m back.

So, looks like I picked the worst (or should that be best?) time to take a week off. :disappointed_relieved::smile:

I’m bowled over by how amazingly supportive everyone has been towards PP during what’s been the craziest time in the energy market. 

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Hi everyone, 

Just a note to say I’m off from today until 4 January :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a lovely festive break, see you in the new year! :sunglasses:

Thank you for all you do in the PP community - have a great break and enjoy your new home :)

My turn! I’m off next week - hoping to go on some long walks, and to get a few outdoor meals in! :relaxed:

Hope you all have an excellent week - see you on 4th May. :sunglasses:

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@Mads Lucky you!  Enjoy your day!

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Annnnnnnnnnd I’m back. Wow, that didn’t seem very long.

Current status: Staring at about 100 unread emails, 50 or so messages. 

Going for a coffee. Hope everyone is keeping well and had a good Easter. Did I miss anything? :laughing:

Is that all? I can be off for lunch and come back to 30 emails 😁😆

Smart metering is relentless!

Yes red is calories but not sure of its value. You can set the minimum you want to burn

Green is how much exercise, you set your goal. You must then exceed it.

Blue is odd to consider at first for you think “Hang on, I’ve been on my feet all day but I only get an 8 out of 12.” The concept is to avoid you being sedentary such that it does not mind that you sit down but not for so long that lethargy takes over and the danger of being rooted to the spot is there. I.e. move every so often to ensure circulation keeps going. The Apple Watch can tell you when to stand up!

If you use your watch to track exercise routines they are sent to the app on your iPhone. In my case it is mostly

Core Exercises - exercises I do for about 14 minutes each morning to loosen up,

Yoga - 24 minutes of Yoga exercises that follow the loosening up.

Swimming - the clever one, I swim just over 1,000 metres each day and it records the number of lengths swum as well as the type of stroke I use. 

Outdoor Walk - pretty obvious what this does. I and my wife try to go for a walk watch day, it records distance, time and even a map of the route.

Cycling - another obvious one.

The Watch also records heart rate. When swimming often my maximum is around 145 bpm. Sometimes over 150. My maximum apparently is meant to be 146 but my heart has not exploded yet. It also records resting rate, mine is often below 50bpm and I get warnings if it goes down to 45. Not unusual. 

The Watch does not tell you that you are still above the turf but I imagine it will go beserk if it can’t  find a heart rate!

The latest watch can give you an oxygen reading and this like the heart rate is quite accurate if you compare it to dedicated equipment that takes such readings,




 outdoor wild swimming

Where I live, we don’t ‘ave ‘eirs and graces like you posh English folk, we just call it ‘Swimming’.

​​​Ah, The Cold Pool, gone (well, it’s still there, but the forestry people cut the trees down, so it may be ‘quite warm pool’ now), but never forgotten.


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Been thinking about our lovely, old friend @Mavis1 aka our Jon. The scenes in Germany are just heartbreaking. I just hope our lovely Jon is safe 😘

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Take some ear defenders with you, the cars are quite loud in real life, as I found a few years ago . A brilliant experience though

Morning all :sun_with_face:

Thank you @Angelabikerbabe@Bev and @Lapa - I had a wonderful week! Although the Euro’s didn’t quite go as planned, my parade couldn’t have been rained on! I spent a few days in London (or the city of success as Bob Mortimer calls it :smile: ) and a few in the glorious sunshine! 

What brill weather for Silverstone!

Good afternoon all, 

I am off next Monday- Thursday. I am going to see my family for my mums birthday! We were supposed to be visiting gardens in Alhambra, but of course we knew that was off the cards a long time ago.

A cup of tea in the rain will do!

Hope you all have a lovely week, see you on the 28th May. :smiley:

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Ooooooooh that’s great, Auntie, just thought I’d check all was ok, and indeed it is 👍👏. You truly are a busy 🐝😳👍👏👏👏👏👏👏. Home schooling, AND 2 jobs! Eeeeek! 🙀👍👏👏. Excellent work! See you when you’re ready 👍👍👍👍