My 3 years old iPhone X sleep/wake button is dodgy and hard to press

  • 3 November 2020
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So I took it to the AppleStore thinking they’d repair it (like this did for my iPhone 7 way back when). However, I was flabbergasted to hear them say Apple can’t repair it and I need a replacement phone!

Shocking that a side button on a £1000 phone is unrepairable. 

Come on Apple haters. Vent.

Do you think I’ve a case under the Sale of Goods Act that items must be fit for purpose and that includes lasting a reasonable amount of time. Three years and a button gradually becoming faulty and unrepairable seems unreasonable to me…

edit: ARGH, there was a third poll option of take them to court, but it didn’t appear!

Is 3 years reasonable for an iPhone button

10 replies

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They only offer 12 month warranties for a reason. It doesn't matter what make phone you have they all have obsolescence built in

Did you have Apple Care @25 quid ?

Seems that was the reason they were not so obliging to repair my 6S Plus a few weeks ago.

(I didn’t have Apple Care, ever)


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@25 quid 

option 4

(it’s repairable, Apple are **** for claiming it isn’t)

Never mind you’ll be protected by the EU right to repair directive in 2021, ohhhh...sorry I forgot about Brexit...

Otherwise option 3 (I said the polls needed a tweak, now you see why)

No AppleCare @Marc. I never go for insurance like that; too expensive. Mind you, my hand-me-down plan is now scuppered.

Thanks @woz, I imagined a DIY approach could work. I’m concerned at how waterproof any such repairs would be. How do you get glue all the way round again on re-assembly?

My local repair shop swapped the battery and tackled the on/off switch. However they weren’t able to restore the click of the button. Worse, turns out one of the three microphones is faulty and phone calls are muffled and almost in-audible. 

Oh well, hopefully it’s just mis-positioned and sortable...

Will Apple pay still work after the repairs @25 quid  ? I thought that was one of the reasons to take it to an Apple store rather than local, indy repairers

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So annoying,  such an expensive item and you would expect a longer life or a reasonably priced repair.

I'm an android fan....can't bear the Apple prices and like my Samsung big screen anyway. 

My 2.3 year old Dyson just died....typical..just out if warranty.   Do I buy another? Or dig out Henry 🤔🤔  Was expecting the Dyson to go on for years.  Things just don't seem to last .

Rant over 😉


@LUCKY JO By law stuff should last a reasonable time… Fancy the battle?

@Marc Yes ApplePay card added ok. Didn’t have chance to try using it before we realised the mic was screwed… A phone you can’t talk on is, suboptimal.

There’s only certain security critical items that have to be done officially. Battery and dumb buttons aren’t one of them. Things like TouchID and FaceID are special.

Any news on side-button-gate @25 quid ?

I see the iPhone 12 Pro Max is out now…. fantastic timing! :wink:

The repairer wanted another £30 for replacing the microphone assembly. I suggested £0, as it worked before they serviced the phone. We haggled and settled on £15 extra. So £85 for a battery and button. Cheaper than a new phone!

The Max is too big for me. I wanna feel a Mini. I’d have been tempted if the camera was as good as the Pro. The Max camera is even better. Did you get the 12 in the end?

BTW. Got a Christmas gift HomePod mini coming in a month. That look sweet.