Money Saving Expert POLL: Rate your energy supplier

  • 15 May 2019
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Interesting poll being run by MSE site.

Pure Planet currently on 95% 'Great' with 55 votes cast.

Ahead of Bulb (88%, 145 votes).

Here's the link if you want to take part?

6 replies

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Hi @Lenny,

I just came onto the Community page to mention the exact same thing. Great statistics for PP 👍😁

Also the main body of the email this morning was all about 'going green', which I was pleased to see.
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ha ha, I've just seen it and came here armed with a link! so far 96% 'great' from 111 votes. I think that's brilliant.

Who voted poor though :mad: :rolleyes:
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YES!!!!! Who was that @Jowl???? 😁😂
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Happy days 👏👏
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I've been instructed by my legal team (aka the Cat, Dog and puppy) to issue a "No Comment" 😃
Just voted!!! Thanks for link