let the adventure begin.

  • 26 September 2020
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Well here we go, 4 years after voting for brexit i am moving to germany. Yes i know how ironic. 

Step one of this crazy new life. 

If your entire life wont fit in a car then you have too much shit.


Let the journey begin i will keep popping in to see how its going. 

Good luck 

Mavis1   formally known as jon1

8 replies

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All the best Mavis1.  Safe journey🇬🇧 🇩🇪🚗👍

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Erwähne den Krieg nicht, ich habe ihn einmal erwähnt, aber ich glaube, ich bin damit durchgekommen.

All the best,  I hope it goes well for you and Barney McGrew.

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Is the doggy going too? 💕🤞🐾

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Apparently we all believe our own sh.t is stuff but everybody else’s’ stuff is sh.t!


Enjoy Germany. Shame about the beer!

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Bon Voyage.  Have a great life 👍x x

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Enjoy your new life, the adventure begins now 🌍👍

Oh, we’ll miss you loads @Mavis1 but I’m holding you to that promise of popping into the community now and then to check up on us :slight_smile:

Wishing you amazing adventures! 


“If your entire life wont fit in a car then you have too much shit.”

The last time I moved, I filled a 3.5 Tonne Panel van.

Enjoy Germany.