Insert food...... into a film title

Hey everyone!

A bit of a silly one... change film titles by adding food into them :rolleyes:

For starters ;):

Indiana Jones and the Temple of 'Shrooms

The Hills Have Fries

One Flew over the Couscous Nest............

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Pie Hard.

Mad Max - Curry Road.

Crouching Tizer, Hidden Flagon.

Raiders of the Lost Fridge.

The Good, the Bad and the Veggie.

The Dirty Dozen Eggs.

The Fridge on the River Kwai.

​Miami Rice.
Texas Chainsaw Moussaka?
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Great thread Nat 👍👏but much much harder than imagined 🙀🙀🙀. Mine are rubbish in comparison, but here goes 😂😂😂..............

Sleeping with the kedgeree


Herring Brockovic

The Codfather

The Kaleway Children

​Jurassic Pork
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Butch Casserole and the sun dance kid

Lord of the (chicken) Wings

View to a Dill
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OK... You asked for this...

It's A Wonderful Loaf
Last one........ promise..........

​A Fishfinger called Wanda ������������������
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Top bun.
Planet of the grapes.
Good morning egg'n'ham.
48 nuggets/another 48 nuggets.
Salami vice.
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Star trek thirst contact.
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Not a film title I accept, but how about that saga between several baking houeholds,
Game of Scones

Oh yeh and who ya gonna call...? Toastbusters!

- - - Updated - - -

Room with a stew
The Empire strikes(likes) snack(s)
When Harry met salad.
Shawshank Breademption

Bridget Jones' Dairy
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Tango and Mash
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Bring Me The Bread of Alfredo Garcia

and in the spirit of popular ice creams..

​Citizen Cone
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The Postman Always Brings Rice

A Quiet Plaice (not for the veggies sorry)

Bringin' in the Grain (Do I have to explain? just add Ginger)

​Bean Runner (the final cut)
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Mango Pulp Fiction

One Flew Over the CousCous nest (that rings a bell has someone already done it?)

The Silence of the Lamb Chops

12 Hungry Men

(Who ya gonna call ...) Toastbusters

007 Fryfall (sorry)


​13 Raisins Why

​Empire of the Sun Dried Tomatoes

Lentl (you know that film with Barberry Streisand)

The Sultanas of Swing​ (Not a film but I like dire straits)
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Annie Halloumi (sorry about the spelling)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Mince

Harry Potter and the Gobbler of Samphire

​(No) Honey I Shrunk the Bees

Breakfast at Tofu Cheese (ugh!)

Soy Story (1,2 and 3)

I blame Nataly...this has to end...
Johnny Full English 😉?
A few others that may have been done:-


The dirty dozen eggs

Merry Christmas cake Mr Lawrence

A Street caramel named desire (with main character Blanched Du Bois)

Snickers formally Marathon man

The magnificent Seven up

A Star fruit is born

The famous five a day

Last house on the leftovers

And another 1980s banned video nasty - I spit on your gravy (no wonder it was banned)

Crocodile Dundee cake
Soy Story
Kill Dill
50 shades of grain?
The King's Peach
Toast Encounters

You've Got Kale :rolleyes:
Annie Halloumi (sorry about the spelling)

I blame Nataly...this has to end...

😂 Never!!...

Bacon to the Future

Requiem for a Cream

Now you Sashimi ;))
Hamburger Hill

​(see what I did there?!)
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Indeed that works Wozeeta, or even The Marmitey Ducks 🦆🦆🦆😂👍
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Billy Jelliott

​Madonna, as Eva Peron, in Ryvita 😂😂😂😂😂
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😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍We’re on a roll our Wozeeta 😂😂😂...........

​9 and a half leeks

Curly Stew

Robin Hood, Mince of thieves

(Meryl Streep in) Sprout Of Africa

Herbie rides a grain

Lettuce to Juliet