heating on in the autumn

  • 29 October 2020
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i love the autumn, but its the time of year when the heating goes back on!

9 replies


Thanks for sharing @Alex1994. My heating has been coming on for a while now. Maybe I’m further North than you… 🙂

PS. Yes indeed!

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Mine went on nearly a month ago

it’s grimy up North...(but we’re such nice people it doesn’t matter...)

I love the autumn too.

Welcome to the community @Alex1994 :slight_smile:

Go on then - what temperature have you got the thermostat set to? Mine is 17 degrees. Next week looks like a cold snap, so I reckon it’ll be pushed up to 19.

My folks have theirs at 22 degrees already :open_mouth:

I don’t switch mine off. I find there is no need. It comes on if the temperature drops below set levels and sorts itself out. Sometimes if it has got cooler than the set temperature we may override it just for the room being used. But we don’t have a winter and summer schedule. Just no need for it.

Having  said this it has of course come on more recently as temperatures drop. I will see consumption rising!

Got to jump in and say, the idea of thermostats is that they adjust for the outside temperature and hold your preferred hotness. 😂

Mine’s 17°C in the evenings and 18.5°C in the mornings. I nudge it up in the evening when I’m home, which is more often than not now!

I prefer to be too cold than too hot. 🥶

We can always put a jumper on! Evenings we are around 22c in occupied rooms. My wife feels the cold! Generally radiators, sorry rooms, are set to around 18c and often don’t come on. Unused rooms are set to 10c.

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Given my ancient boiler and the lack of money, I’m refraining as much as possible from putting the heating on here in Glasgow. Only in the past few weeks have I started to put it on, primarily in the evenings. Extra jumpers help! Watching the smart meter IHD also discourages me from putting the heating on!

I have cards as in the photo all over the flat; not the most accurate, but at least giving me a rough idea how cold it is inside :grinning:


Brrrrr, feeling cold just reading that @schase :sneezing_face:

I did New Year in Scotland once. OMG as the kids say :laughing: