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Health and well-being! A thread to discuss, share, ask a question, listen, or just read.

Anything at all, health related or exercise related, maybe dietary or vitamin related. This is the thread!

It’s all for fun remember, no ones claiming to be a medical professional, but often little things can open up a big discussion, with lots of advice and tips.

Sometimes, you might just want to chat about a little niggle with others, or be proud of a health recovery or appointment. Anything at all really.

Something you want to share maybe, maybe you have overcome a trauma or illness.

From a little sniffle 😤to major surgery 💉🔪, to long term health conditions, just feel free to discuss here.

Light hearted and fun, but a place to ask away!

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I know this won't really help, but for me it is a bit of willpower. I never really bothered about diets or exercise, but after I retired I found I was constantly snacking, a couple if packets of crisps or biscuits galore, I think it was mainly boredom, it seemed every time I stood up u headed for the kitchen

Then a few years ago I had an abscess which required an overnight hospital stay. It seemed every few hours I was getting blood taken, but thought nothing of it.

On discharge they said, do you know you have a very high sugar level, no, I replied, and they referred me to GP 

It transpires that I have type 2 diabetes and so my diet changed. My levels have dropped but still on a maintenance medication, but now I don't snack or eat cakes,sweets or chocolate, I also steer clear of alcohol if I can. My shopping habits changed in the thought if i don't have them in I can't eat them. It was a drastic change but once I got used to it I can now comfortably refuse any  foods with a high sugar or far content,  and i try to go to the gym a couple if times a week.

An extra incentive is my daughter getting married in 24 months time so I need to further reduce my weight so I don't look like the Michelin man in the photos.

Think it was you, our Rich, in another thread, mentioning the importance of avoiding press-ups and planks for bad backs. Been told today way too soon to do press ups yet for shoulders, keep doing all my other physio and exercises but avoid the press-up 🤭👍👍👍👍👏

@Bev Indeed it was I. Too many press-ups or planks put a lot of strain on the small of the back. It is unnecessary. All that is needed is flexibility. Hence the yoga Sun Salutation exercises are so helpful. To read more about back problems and help have a look at this site:

Sarah Key is an Australia physiotherapist who knows her stuff. She has treated back problems for a long time. You will read she is not happy about the plank. She promotes a simple exercise which does work. Using a yoga brick, a pile of books does the same job but job but not as comfortable, you lie on your back with the brick under your bottom to loft it a few inches off the deck. This stretches out the vertebra and discs at the base of the spine enabling the discs to refill with fluid. It is what happens when you go to bed and why it is in the morning you can be 20mm taller but at night you lose that because the spine compresses during the day. Doing the exercise before you go to bed can be very relaxing. 

 My problem is I born with one leg ¾” shorter and over the years it has caused the spine to bend, more toward the top but it has put more strain on the base of the spine such that the odd ache appears. Sara Key’s back exercise plus the yoga stuff helps tremendously. The yoga takes time and self discipline but you find it easier and easier to touch your toes and complete other bends yet all without any strain. You may also find it helps reduce the fat around the waist if any of you here have such!

Get up 30 minutes earlier than you would normally and get stuck in. Make it a daily routine and in time you find it becomes a necessary part of the day. It can be quite calming. 

Strange what we write about here. This is an energy provider’s site so I suppose exercise fits with using energy!

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Just noticed you’ve hit 500 posts too ya bugger! 😳👍👏

Notes loves analysing the replies numbers 👍🤣

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Yes shopping can definitely be torture @Duppyso when I pick up treats for the kids I make sure they have gluten in so I definitely can't snaffle them 🤣


Hee hee hee, my arm blows off 💥💥💥🤣🤣🤣

So apparently, as this is only my very first fitting, it’ll say it is about to expire on the 14th day. After that, it will no longer work. 

My prescription repeat thingy should be updated to include a pack of two new sensors each month, but as always 🙄🙄🙄🙄the admin is slow within primary care, and I’ve visions of having to chase it, so not fully ruling pricking out just yet. 

Of course, if I don’t take to the Libra2 the option is there to revert back to pricking, but so far it’s a no brainer. What’s not to love! 

This morning I asked a lady I see at the gym in the mornings (we both go swimming) how she finds hers. She has had it for quite a time now. Loves it. Feels far safer knowing the monitoring is happening and less likely to visit the grim reaper during her sleep!  Tells me she changes the pad every two weeks. But like you, loves it.

By the way, water does not rush in whilst she is swimming!!!!  She just leaves the plug in place but not of course the electric device. 💦💦💦

I found some health advice with respect to alcohol. Apparently a school has been advising pupils on its merits and demerits.

The Teacher takes 4 worms and drops one into a glass of beer, one in a glass of wine, one in a glass of whisky and one in a glass of water. Puts them on the side bench. The next day the teacher shows the class the results:

1. The worm in beer - dead.
2. The worm in wine - dead.
3. The worm in whisky - dead.
4. The worm in water - alive.

She turns to the class and asks “What do we learn from this experiment?”

One bright young man chirps up “Miss, if you drink beer, wine or whisky you don’t get worms.”

@Bev Walking outside has other benefits. Chemical ones for the plants, trees etc. give off an essence or vapour, which you cannot usually smell but does us good. It provides the feel good factor from walking with Mother Nature. Plus mental calmness.

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I think what didn't help was my mental health crash a few weeks ago. Had absolutely no energy at all so was eating the most ridiculous amount of rubbish because it was easy and took no thought or planning. It's probably a good sign that I'm now feeling the need to start improving my intake. 

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Why thank you @Bev, twas a nice surprise along with my big points this month. 

You are right @Duppy , I need to reinstate my will power and also the effort. Back to the daily smoothies and seriously cutting down on the sugars. Chocolate is best cut completely or a once in a blue moon treat, otherwise I go bonkers.

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It's hard at first, but by not buying it you won't have it to snack on.

Perseverance  practice and exercise if possible  is the key, anyway chocolate is no longer as good as it was, but not made any easier by the supermarkets that seem to have walls made of the stuff

Jeeeez it’s anazing how much of your body you use for certain exercises, without realising. 

When my body was in full working order, hee, I’d do press ups thinking it was working the arms. Since various parts of my body are now inflamed, it’s an eye opener. 

I’ve  just tried a tiny press up, know not allowed, so wasn’t anywhere near a proper one, but only managed two millimetres anyway. Never mind the shoulders, and also how much of the ab strength is needed, they also sooooooooo need the ribs! I’m not exaggerating. Currently got rib inflammation (costachondra something or other), and the pain when trying that press up just then! Who knew ya bugger! 

Just shows tho, when young and fit, and taking daily exercise for granted, just how much you’re putting ALL of your body parts thru without really knowing! 

It’s your back, the lower part, that can be buggered with press-ups. Try gentle exercises, such as Yoga, you think that as there is no strain they won’t be effective, but they are. You build up a lot more suppleness.


It's hard at first, but by not buying it you won't have it to snack on.

Perseverance  practice and exercise if possible  is the key, anyway chocolate is no longer as good as it was, but not made any easier by the supermarkets that seem to have walls made of the stuff

My young grand daughter would not believe me the other day when I told her there was no chocolate at all in white chocolate!. Chocolate is known to bring on a migraine with some people.

Hey, I had a camera stuck up my right nostril yesterday. He did show me my vocal chords though and the back of my throat. For anybody wondering it is absolutely painless. Thought the consultant was the bogey man! 

Thanks @25 quid I’ll try that.

I’ve had a camera up/down both ends. Fascinating watching! It was harder to ask questions with one of the procedures… 😉 

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I’ve had a camera up/down both ends. Fascinating watching! It was harder to ask questions with one of the procedures… 😉 

Been there, done that, I had to be put out for the down one as I couldn't stop gagging

when making a ☕️, whilst waiting for the kettle, just do a few squats or lunges

Hahaha I might get some funny looks at PP HQ @Bev 😂

@Bev no certainly not. There  are a small number of people in England whose heart has failed and await a transplant. As they have no heart they carry a back pack with a pump in it. It connects to their system and keeps them alive. The pump is driven by rechargeable batteries and you only have a short time to swap the batteries over when fresh ones are needed. There was a case a couple of years ago of a young girl in this predicament. She went to college but her parents went with her to ensure speedt battery changes whenoccasion demanded. She sadly died before a transplant became available.

Please everybody. Make sure you are organ donators, There are no sensible, ethical nor religious reasons that prevent anybody being one.

Chick peas? Sounds like a potential orchestra ahead.

Apparently it is fine for swimming, if not more than 30 minutes. Same with 🚿and 🛀. Have to be more mindful now of my long 🚿🚿🚿🚿🚿😁. 

Havent heard a single negative about them yet, Rich 👍👍

The lady I speak to swims for about an hour sometimes. She has had a major back operation so is still loosening up. She swims a mile which takes her about 45 to 50 minutes and then off swims gently chatting to another.

News this morning for you @Bev, you need to start saving for a nee Apple Watch in 2022 for it has been announced they are working on upgrading the sensor so that it can monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood alcohol levels. How many dare look at the latter?! The former I would find useful as my blood pressure is often high just sitting down but heart rate low. We needs must take care we don’t all become hypochondriacs!

@Bev I think perhaps I used the wrong word. Not boring as such, more an effort. I am not naturally inclined toward exercise, never interested in any sports whether to watch live or on the box. But I know I need to exercise and it’s a discipline if done daily it becomes a habit. Indeed, if you miss a day you know you have, if that makes sense. As you nicely point out there are those occasions in the gym where the body needs to exude excess gases. All that bending and flexing and one does hear the odd anal exhalation from time to time. I remember on the days I used to go on the treadmill, several days running there was this god almighty smell wafting across from my left. After the third day I identified the culprit as it was only he to my left. But three days running? Indeed it was more, and the same smell. God knows what diet he was on.

On another occasion whilst swimming the left breast of a lady near to me dropped out of her costume. I did nothing for a couple of lengths thinking she must know but then the other one dropped out and on the fourth length I realised  I must stop and tell her. I was not intending to put them back of course. However, the embarrassment was no more, she realised these large orbs were hanging free and tucked them away again. They did pop out again later but she was then in control of wayward parts of her anatomy. Oddly enough she never wore that costume again! I said nothing!

So there is fun to be had in the gym. It can’t therefore be boring!

Good job she wasn’t doing backstroke or it might have seemed like a mutant scene from Jaws! ▲

Sounds like you’ve got it well balanced there @Bev and have a positive outlook, lightened by your fab new toy. As you say, spikes are normal and brief. It’s all the good time in the sweet spot that counts most!

Keep it up girl! 😊x

...but an essential part of a balanced diet for others! 😉 

@Bev Instinct is an important attribute. Women have more of it than men. Listen to it.