Guess the object!

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Hi Bev, is this your Selkbag design?
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Your on the ball Strutt G, well done 👍👍👍
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Okay here's a new one 😁


Bob Marley’s hair 🤪🤪
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I’ve just had a hernia operation. I know what this is. I wondered where I lost it!
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I’ve seen the light


A mirror,?

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Tape measure?
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Ah was I too impatiens
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25 quid;50560:
Aha, a proper record! Your clue doesn’t help me though...

Missed that, was preparing dinner and glugging wine etc.
Servant on Apple is getting weirder.
​​​​​​​Post image soonish - well done
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Iron in its Dock
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sorry Strutty, not EV related...

A OK Woz - I've had my quota of guesses - nighty night to the night owls.

Or magicians! 




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Ah man @Duppy, you're right! 1st time. 👍
Ooo that's a good first guess @Bev! but not correct 😁

I would say that everyone has at least one of these in their house!
Mansize tissue.


Any takers for the next photo?😎
Strutt G;50748:
Cafetiere Lid

Well spot on @Strutt G 😁 the most important object of any household...

Biscuit barrel?

Oooh I almost wish it was that! 🤤 filled with ginger cream biscuits...
Strutt G;51029:
soft wearable onesie style fabric like a human comfort bag thang

I think this is how all onesies should be marketed from now on! 🤣
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Wonderful @25 quid  

I had a pond in my last house, once a year we would be invaded by frogs coming from all directions - many would wait in the driveway (as they couldn’t find a way to the back of the house) and I’d have to carry them through 🤣


The metal plate inside a wrist splint?

OK, here’s another..........


Clues to follow later, if needed 😁
Ahh, a Monty sized clue for @Bev...
Shampoo bottle?
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I think I'd probably use it to grate my feet , 🤣🤣🤣

Servant is great. I loved the first season! Shame they’ve stopped filming all second seasons. The Morning Show was the highlight so far for me.
Strutt G;50570:
Servant on Apple is getting weirder.
@Bev, I think you’re along the right (blade) line there...
A Coronavirus!