Does anyone understand appliance Energy Efficiency Ratings?

  • 3 September 2020
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After almost 13 years, it appears my trusty W3740 Washing Machine’s bit the dust - it’s making a very strange metallic scraping noise, which makes me think that in all likelihood the bearing’s gone - and at £200 plus fitting for a new set, it may be time to call it quits.

The question:

So I was looking at new washing machines, and one of them (WCD 120 WCS 8kg for those interested in these things) had the energy efficiency rating listed as:

“More economical than the threshold value for energy efficiency rating A+++ 10%”

Does this mean:

The ratings need a major overhaul?

The manufacturers have really upped their game?

An ‘Energy efficiency’ scandal along the lines of the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal’s due any day now?


3 replies

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Ha ha. It is a combination of all 3 options.

Rating A+++ is the most energy efficient rating you can get. However the benchmark for getting that rating was set some years ago and in the mean time manufacturers have upped their game and some now put A+++ 10% which means it is 10% more efficient than the standard A+++ rating but there is no higher ratong that can be given.

And finally its is almost a certainty that someone somewhere is telling porkies about the rating on their products. 

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hi mark

grab the inner drum and see how much play there is in it when you move it relative to the outer drum (not while it’s switched on or they’ll have to scrape you off the ceiling).

There should be none to perhaps just perceptible i.e to all intents and purposes none.

If there is a lot of play the bearing is probably u/s

If there is no play...

 rotate it manually while listening if there is no play, something may have lodged itself between the two drums.

Only the very expensive machines have replaceable bearings now, the cheaper ones are designed with no intent of bearing changes, but  miele are really well made, it could well be worth repairing as they are £££ too.

Alternatively join the throwaway society...

The energy ratings are based on how much energy it uses to do a particular cycle, there is a thorough explanation HERE

The energy ratings are much less important than the reliability (imo), and spin speed is really important if you dry with a tumble drier.


Thanks all.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance for me that my machine in a stacking kit within an old water cupboard, so getting the issue investigated properly may cost as much as a new machine by the time I’ve paid for someone to come and take it out.

I’ve been quoted £120 + VAT just for the callout, never mind taking the machines apart, and if it is the bearings, which to be fair, the more I listen to it, the more I doubt it - it’s £200 for them - so I could be half to three-quarters of the cost of a new machine.

My local supplier can get me another Miele complete with 10 year Miele warrantee, so I may just bite the bullet and accept the cost, it will probably pay for itself in the long-run simply because my current one’s ‘only’ 6 Kg and the new one’s 9 Kg.