Conservatory Radiators

  • 28 October 2020
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I seek some advice from our community!

Our conservatory is heated by a radiator off the central heating system. Not permissible now but it was when installed about 18 years ago. It’s OK but not wonderful, partly I suspect because of the end of line location. We want a better solution, particularly if we come to use it more during any Covid restrictions or issues and it does make a great extra room in the house.  I also plan to remove it anyway before long when my radiators are replaced. They are 23 years old.

The solution is an electric radiator but I would want one that is unobtrusive yet versatile. My researches of what is reckoned to be best brought up a Devolo 2.4kw. The advantages of this are it can be wall wanted but can also be floor standing which means it can be moved to another room if we needed it.

Anybody in the forum got experience of Devolos or conservatory radiators in general?

One other point that crossed my mind. Most other electric suppliers would love the idea of a customer increasing his consumption, more profit. But not so PP for it will make no more profit from any such increase!

Thanks all.

5 replies

Hey @G4RHL 

Just to let you know I’ve moved your post to our Off-Topic section :relaxed:

I personally don’t have much experience with electric radiators, but I’m sure other Community Members will be able to advise :grin:

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Hi Richard

Not sure if I can be of much help, but I use DIMPLEX - CDE2Ti Cadiz ECO Oil-Free Radiator. 

I bought four from Curry’s in 2017 so no idea if they still even do them, they were £85 each. I use two as an instant heat, in addition to storage heaters, or just as a back up if it turns cold unexpectedly. 

The other two were for my parents, who indeed placed them in their conservatory Richard. They speak highly of them, and say it’s allowed them to spend more time sitting in there than ever! They really love their conservatory, and don’t want it not used just because it’s winter, so these were a perfect buy. 

I am not sure if this is really what you’d be after, or if they’re available, but that’s my experience of electric radiators Richard.

Hope you get sorted 👍

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Ultimately the efficiency of most electric radiators will be similar, that’s the nature of heating with electricity, so the factors which affect your choice are down to volume of air to be heated (wattage) aesthetics/space and controllability. (timer, thermostat, remote etc. oh...and the availability of a 13A socket nearby)

A radiator without a fan will provide background heat and will need to be on for longer time, if you need more instant heat to supplement my advice is to add fan heater for short bursts.

have a read of this.



Disclaimer: I’ve not been involved with ye olde electric heating in over a decade, but I assume heater efficiency’s not improved that much.

Hi Richard

Do you know how big your conservatory is?

Heating a room, depends on a number of variables, but going by memory, as a ‘rough guide’ - you need 75watts to 175 watts per square metre of floor space (assuming you have ‘standard height’ ceilings.) I’d presume a conservatory is not as well insulated as a room within a house, and will therefore require more.

Dimplex have a calculation tool here: however it doesn’t cover conservatories.

The problem with any ‘radiant’ heat source in any room is that it takes a long time for the heat to circulate - for this reason alone, a fan heater is better than a ‘radiator’ - however, in some applications, even fan heaters are not perfect.

The best ‘compromise’ if using electric radiators, is either to place it in the centre of the room (or as near as possible too) or have 2 heaters on opposite walls. Don’t go for 2 ‘low output’ radiators if you do this, it’s better to get 2*2Kw ones and use them at half power, or leave them at full output and rely on the thermostat to do its job.

Really important:
Whatever you ultimately go for, remember to run a vacuum over it regularly, dust on heating elements is a severe fire hazard.

Kindest Regards


Thanks for the inputs on this. The Dimplex was one on my list from recommendations made elsewhere but then the Devola reared its head in my research coming high in several different reviews. I decided to go for it as it is neater than the Dimplex and has a slightly higher heat output. Plus it can be wall mounted as well as fee standing on castors. Ultimately the water filled radiator in the conservatory will go to be replaced by a wall mounted electric one and hopefully this will fit the bill. Not expensive either.

My conservatory is 3.7m x 3.13m. The Devola will be adequate, indeed the Dimplex would be.

It arrived last night! Yes it’s neat and throws out lots of heat but I must move it into my garage and switch it on there for it to burn off! Not unusual to have smells from new radiators until “burnt in” but this one smells like bad eggs although it was beginning to fade. I got the blame for the smell!

Years ago I had a 1930s detached house which I fitted with panel radiators throughout. Very efficient and cheaper to run than oil which then was my only alternative. I wish electricity was cheaper now! It can be if the house is designed from scratch but not when your house is 23 years old. I keep putting off replacing the existing CH radiators in the house but one day I better, a must as and when the boiler packs up. But my old standard boiler, born around 1997, still runs at over 90% efficiency. I doubt the next one will last that long!

Thanks all.