Community Rewards in junk folder

  • 18 December 2020
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Thanks @Marc and @Nataly and all the PP team for my community vouchers. 

Was thinking I hadn't gotten any, but I checked my junk file this morning , and lo and behold,  there they were! Been there since Tuesday. 

So everyone....please check your junk file.

Happy Christmas to all at PP and all the community members 🎉🎁🌲🎉🎁🌲🎉🎁🌲

4 replies

Hey @Angelabikerbabe 

So glad to hear you received it - yes absolutely it’s worth checking your spam/junk/promotion folders just in case! Thanks for posting to let others know, too! :blush:

Hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you too :snowman2::christmas_tree:

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I got my vouchers which have came in great to get things needed for the house, thank you for these and merry Xmas to all community members from myself and my family.



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Got my vouchers this week.  Thanks @Nataly and @Marc , I intend to treat myself this time 🥰

Great stuff @Rds261189 @Angelabikerbabe @Scubaseahorse 

Glad to hear they arrived.

It’s strange, even though they’re sent by email, I still get a slight worry they might get ‘lost in the post’ or something. :disappointed_relieved: