A fun Political Poll, not who you will vote for but whether recent events have changed your mind.

  • 6 September 2019
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This is NOT about who you would vote for it's about whether recent events have changed the way you will vote in the next general election.

Tick all which apply, apologies for choosing the main options, it was just too complicated to include every possibility. (I know it's not perfect but I've tried to cover the majority in the fewest choices)

The poll is anonymous, but obviously comments won't be! Have fun!

Have recent political events changed the way you will vote in a general election?

3 replies

Saw this tweet @woz
Thought you'd appreciate it ;)

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haha, thanks.
A queue of turkeys lining up outside the turkey abbatoir (is there such a thing) all gobbling "let's get Chrismas done" to each other springs to mind...
​​​​​​​(with apologies to vegetarians and vegans)
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What everyone must bear in mind is you do not elect a new government whenever there is a general election. The best you can hope for is to vote the present incumbents out.