Pure Planet Community Spotlight March 2019 - Oakbank

  • 13 March 2019
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This month the Pure Planet Community spotlights shines on member @Oakbank

Having already achieved considerable fame in the community for being the first winner of the monthly photo challenge, Oakbank is a much loved Member :o

He’s also got one of the cutest dogs ever, Rosie, and has a fine recipe for mushroom risotto.

We know that @Oakbank has recently bought a weather compensation kit for his boiler, and we wanted to find out even more about him, including his energy saving tips and what he likes to do in his spare time!

Thanks @Oakbank for agreeing to be under the Pure Planet Community spotlight! :up:

The community spotlight is a regular feature to find out a little bit more about who we are, what we like, and maybe what we don't like!

Other members who've taken part include Daspy and David j and MrSmart and loads more!

If you’d like to take part in the community spotlight series, or if you’d like to nominate a fellow member, send me a DM anytime.

3 replies

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Do love these spotlights 👍. Fab interesting insight, Oaky 👏👏👏
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Hi Oakbank, Grandfather of 8, you’re a busy man then!! Also, I am going to research “boiler return temperature “ - it’s obvious what it is but how does it affect efficiency & how do you control return temperature?
Thanks for getting my brain activated 😂😂
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Hi Oakbank,

Nice reading your rewarding activities.

Can't get my head around you not having all forms of oats at breakfast.
Seems to be a pattern...for this community spotlight..a lack of oats.
Unless of course you have them later on, which I think is not unusual in Scotland?

Just like David J I'm interested in your top tips.