Natalie King, the Zero Hero who’s determined to cut down on plastic-wrapped veg

  • 20 September 2019
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Meet Natalie King, a Pure Planet Zero Hero who’s helping to protect our planet by cutting down on buying fruit and veg which comes wrapped in plastic.

We’ve launched a new campaign to celebrate our amazing Members for helping to get us closer to zero carbon emissions.

Zero Hero is a celebration of all the ways you guys are helping to protect the planet.

We know that many Pure Planet Members choose to switch to renewable energy because you want to make a difference.

Mrs King, 32, from Rayleigh in Essex, says she was inspired by her Zero Hero, broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.

Earlier this year Sir David’s programme, 'Climate Change - The Facts' was broadcast on BBC1.

In it he says that we face "irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies".

But there is still hope if dramatic action to limit the effects is taken over the next decade.

Pure Planet member Natalie, an insurance broker, said: “I was inspired by watching David Attenborough, which was a real shock, and I realised that I needed to do something.

“We started by just trying to reduce waste at home by buying food which isn’t wrapped in plastic. What we’ve found is that it can be quite difficult and more expensive than the plastic wrapped kind.

“I’m trying to get rid of more plastic month by month. Whenever I need to replace something I’m going for the non-plastic variety.”

Natalie says she and husband James King have struggled to find plastic-free fruit and veg for sale when she’s in a rush to shop during the week.

“It’s not that easy to shop and not come home with a lot of unnecessary plastic. James and I both work in London, so we’ll shop on Saturday and go to our greengrocer and make sure we buy loose fruit and veg,” she said.

“I really like that Waitrose and Sainsbury’s have started to try out loose veg in some of their supermarkets, I can’t wait for that to come to ours.

“If we need to buy from a supermarket in the week than right now most of the veg wrapped in plastic. And the pricing doesn’t make sense. A single red pepper costs more than three peppers wrapped in plastic.

“That means it’s harder for people with families, with less disposable income, so all the supermarkets need to get on board for a big difference to be made.
“People like us are starting to change the way we do things. I wish it was coming from the top, though, from the Government and from the big supermarkets.”

Zero Hero is about finding and supporting greener choices that are easier and cheaper than their polluting alternatives.

But we need your help too. Tell us about a Zero Hero you know, a green event or initiative you’re part of or a Zero Hero product or service you use. We’ll share the best ideas.

If this sounds like you, then send me a message here in the community and tell us what you’re doing. Or just post in the replies below!

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