What to do if you lose power

  • 9 August 2019
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There are reports of power outages happening around the UK.

The BBC is reporting that there is an electricity failure affecting the National Grid. Power outages have happened in different areas of the UK.

If you have a power cut the first thing to do is check your fuse box or consumer unit, to see if any switches have been tripped.

Also, check the street lights outside and your neighbours' houses, to see if it really is a power cut, or if it's an issue inside your home.

You may not know this, but don’t contact your energy supplier during a power cut. That’s because they’re responsible for selling the electricity but not maintaining the power lines.

What you need to do is call 105, or go to www.PowerCut105.com where you will be prompted to report the outage.

We've got a full FAQ here on what to do.

3 replies

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If you ever do lose power in the future (and are still able to read this!), unplug or switch off/disconnect from the mains any sensitive electronic equipment, TVs Computers etc.
The surge when the power returns can be quite dirty, and can sometimes damage electronics.
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Cross your fingers for 20 seconds and hope the generator kicks in, he says smugly. Failing that go out and get piss wet and fix said generator in the thunder and lightning.
A lightning strike and the "sudden loss of two large electricity generators" caused nearly a million people to lose power in England and Wales, an interim report has found.Check out this BBC article.