We’re trialling postcards for appointment reminders in smart meters pilot

  • 9 July 2019
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Hi everyone

As part of our smart meters installation pilot we’ve started sending out postcards to Members to remind them of their appointment.

At this stage we’re just testing this out during the pilot phase before we start installing thousands of new 2nd generation (SMETS2) smart meters across the UK.

Our installation partner Magnum Utilities has seen a 15% drop in the number of ‘aborted’ appointments when postcards are sent out in advance.

The postcards are FSC- approved which means they’re made from sustainable sources and are of course recyclable.

We’ll test these out to see if they help reduce wasted appointments. We’d prefer not to use them but it’s much worse for the environment to have meter installers driving to a property when nobody’s home.

There are plans for notifications/reminders in the Pure Planet app, too.

Feedback is, as always, really welcome and useful.:raisinghands:

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Hi Marc,
I can see the idea behind it, but from my own personal experience it is not necessary.
You receive an email when you book the visit, followed by reminders by SMS messages and emails a few days before the installation date. Unless it's an emergency there is no reason that you can't be home when the installer arrives.