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Hi everyone,

This week, we held a poll over on Twitter to ask everyone what's more important to them in regards to their energy supply.

Last week, I posted a list of the latest adverts we’ve been using which show great reasons for joining Pure Planet. Co-founder Steven Day also created a blog asking for feedback. After this, we thought we’d ask you on Twitter which of the two popular reasons was more attractive: Green energy or cheaper energy?

We had 1069 votes from you. Thanks to all who voted!

‘Green energy’ came out on top, but it was a very close race indeed, only winning by 10%. Each aspect is clearly important in how we all view our energy supplier. Lots of comments on the poll talked about how consumers ideally want both. Quite right too. Here are a few:

With enough investment, the cost of renewable energy will only go down (until it plateaus)
Non-renewables will only get more expensive.”

“Green energy with good price!!”

“That is actually a very difficult question. In an ideal world, I would like both, but if you had to choose?”

“The companies tell us we can have both”

That’s the beauty of Pure Planet. You can have both. 100% carbon offset energy for less than the power that pollutes. Join up with us at any time and we’ll deal with your entire switch from start to finish. It’s a no-brainer.

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