RESOLVED: Investigating issue with Pure Planet app, website and community login

  • 18 June 2021
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Good morning

We’re checking out an issue which is affecting the Pure Planet app and website from loading, and also affecting community login for some Members. :frowning2:

Update 9.30am

All systems back up and running! 

5 replies

Our tech team believe they have found the cause and are now working on sorting this.

Sorry for the hassle. It shouldn’t be too long now. :thumbsup:

Quick update. Our tech team are just running through some final checks and then all will be back up and running.

Thanks for your patience! 

It now works!

Yes! All sorted.

Everything is now OK. It feels good to be back. :heart_eyes: Apologies again for the hassle. 

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Yeah everything went offline last night website and the app