Pure Planet trials new initiative to support Members struggling with payments

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We’re running a new initiative this month to support Members struggling with payments.

Pure Planet wants to help about 400 of our Members who’ve stopped making payments, and who don’t reply to emails, letters or phone calls.

Instead of being passed on to a debt collection agency, we’re working with a third party called Reach:OUT to offer support and guidance.

The aim of the initiative is to reconnect with these Members and build personalised action plans and signpost them to further support, if they want it.

We also have a partnership with debt charity @StepChange who can answer questions here in the Pure Planet Community as well as their website.

We’ll be running this pilot until the end of July, when we’ll review to see if it’s helping Members.

If you’d like some help with your payments please contact Member Services via WattBot in your Pure Planet app, or you can also send me a private message and I will pass on your details to our team.

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A quick update on this initiative so far.

Of the 400 or so people we’ve reached out to, 64 have responded. The Reach:OUT team are now talking to them.

So that’s a pretty encouraging start! :blush:

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A positive step for the good, I do hope you are able to get in touch with the other 300+ members and help them through this challenging time

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Great work, PP.  It’ll be interesting to see how many respond in the end.  

Hi everyone. We wanted to provide you all with an update now we’re at the end of our pilot with Reach:OUT. 

We were really happy with how the pilot went - it’s a new and different approach, which we’ve learned from and found incredible useful. It’s been very encouraging to see the responses from our Members, showing it’s the type of support people are looking for and need during these challenging times.

Overall, of the 400 or so people we reached out to, we had responses from 90 - that’s really encouraging, as these are Members who had stopped responding to emails, letters and phone calls previously. 

Of those 90 people, 27 have either paid in full or have been able to agree a payment plan that works for them. :blush:

Reach:OUT has found further pathways for at least 13 people, including IVAs, issues involving 3rd party disputes which are ongoing, and sadly 3 bereavements.

18 have been signposted to extra help from charitable organisations - something which we hope will provide them with any extra support they may need.

These results actually exceeded our initial hopes! It’s been very reassuring to see the support this approach has given our Members.

We’ll continue to review the results of the pilot, and will be sure to let you know of any further work with Reach:OUT in future. :thumbsup: