Pure Planet to lower Membership Fees - announcement

  • 5 February 2019
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Hi everyone,

We’ve announced today that we’re lowering our monthly Membership fees for all Pure Planet Members, from 5 February 2019. Here’s a little bit more info for the community.

From today Pure Planet Membership fees are £8 per month per fuel (including VAT)  —  down from £8.50 – saving a dual fuel member £1 a month, or £12 a year.

This is on top of our existing dual fuel discount of £30 a year. Don’t worry - it applies to single fuel Members as well.

We’re lowering our Membership fees - that’s the fixed cost. It’s the equivalent of a standing charge. It covers:
- Meter maintenance
- Our operating costs
- Our people costs
- Our profit margin

We’re not changing our Members rate - that’s the amount you pay for energy.

Why we’re lowering our prices

As a digital-only energy supplier, we're continually improving our digital business model. We've made things more efficient, and we’re passing the savings on to you.

Didn’t you just put your prices up?

We increased our members rate recently, to reflect the rise in wholesale market prices. The renewable electricity and carbon offset gas we buy on your behalf is passed to you at zero markup - you pay what we pay and we don’t make any money on this.

We’re emailing all our Members today about the Membership fee price drop, and it’ll take effect immediately for both new and existing Members.

As it’s a relatively small change, we won’t be changing Direct Debit payments for now.

Members who have been with us a while may recall that this is the second time we’ve lowered our Membership fee. Previously we announced a reduction from £10 to £8.50.

That’s it for now. Any questions? Let’s talk about it below.

Read more: Interested in how the wholesale energy market works? Chat to Pure Planet co-founder Chris Alliott who’s hosting a
Q&A for community members here.

18 replies

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Thanks Marc have a great day
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Hi Marc,
What a surprise- great to see Pure Planet sharing their success. The competition are on the back foot now as this is the second Members fee reduction.
Well done to all at Pure Planet & in particular, the “Solutions Manager” (that’s you Mark). 😂😂
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🎉🎉🎉🎉 Woohoo 🎉🎉🎉🎉
This is why it's great to be a 'member' of PP!
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Lovely news, not used to things going down. 😁
Really really appreciate the integrity of Pure Planet, thank you for passing this on to the customer. I'm so glad I discovered PP when I did.👍
Became a member today and already you’re reducing prices! Fantastic!
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Great news as it will improve your competitiveness for medium and low energy users!
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How good is to open an e-mail - especially from your energy supplier - to say that they're are lowering the cost! Nice and welcome surprise.
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Thats great! Nice surprise getting that email!
Tick V.G. 🙂
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This email was a wonderful surprise 👍👏🙀
Happy days, cheers Marc and the PP team 🙂
I was really annoyed about the recent increase in charges, so i suppose i should register my appreciation at a price drop, even though it comes nowhere close to the recent increase.
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Yep, PP Do what they say on the tin...
It's a good deal plus you can state your frustrations to the community and WWW.
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Great news. Really positive move from pp. Still really pleased I joined when I did.
With the recent energy price cap, do you see prices going up, lots of warnings the news about being on a standard tariff.
Thank you
What a great surprise. I thought I was altruistic enough to be smug about getting "green" energy but apparently I like saving money too. Whoohoooo!!!