Pure Planet to cut prices for electricity and gas by 1 May

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Good luck with your reduced usage @David71. Sounds like your changes should make a big difference...
With respect, you need to let your customers know what the new rates are going to be as soon as possible.
I've just looked at the MSE comparison site and we could save £250-£350 a year , and that's going with one of the better known suppliers.
We moved to this house just over a year ago and swapped over to PP shortly afterwards to reduce our bills as it's a larger, older house and we're at home a lot. We're currently over £200 in debit,essentially because PP were late in implementing the increase in our DD amount and now our DD has been increased again
My parents are also with PP and if we go they go too and we won't be waiting until May 1st.
Hi David 71

Welcome to the Pure Planet community!

We're all keen to know what the new tariff is going to be, but I doubt 'mid-April' will arrive over the long bank holiday weekend. I guess we'll find out sometime next week...

I'll confess to being confused by your comments about being in debit. It sounds as if you had an account review, and then a second one? An account review is intended to ensure your payments will cover your anticipated usage over the coming year, not necessarily to wipe out your debit balance immediately.

I'm sure Pure Planet know exactly what the delay in revising their tariffs is costing in terms of numbers switching away. They're also no doubt trying to assess the longer term viability of the company given the current uncertainties. It's a tricky time.

If you do decide to switch, my advice would be to avoid tariffs that insist on you having a smart meter installed - that was certainly the basis of many of the bargain offers a few weeks back.


PP reviewed our account in Feb' and notified us that they would increase the DD amounts , however the increased amount wasn't DD from our bank account in Feb' (as per the email) OR March either, so they've now reviewed again (at my request when I saw that the increased amount hadn't been debited in March) and increased the DD amounts again and have requested that the amount we're in debt by will be taken as extra payments spread over 6 months, ie on top of the new regular DD amount.
Hi Woz, well I'd rather they'd reviewed the account sooner as at the beginning of the winter the DD amount was £86 (with £57 over warmer months). They did the review on Feb 9th with increases to £114 and £76, but I noticed the new higher amount wasn't taken in March.
I asked them to review the account again and they've emailed apologising that the increased amount wasn't taken and suggested increasing to £128 and £85 plus pay off the amount of the debit on the account over 6 months.

I need to sit down and go through our usage over the last 6 months and 12 months and see if these increased amounts are realistic.
It's difficult because we've had cavity wall insulation installed a month ago, and apparently we had huge cavities at the corners of the house.
The bloke was standing for around 20 minutes filling each one and said they used twice as much material as they usually do for a 3 bed semi'. I've also gone round and filled gaps under kitchen units where it used to blow a hooly and the pans in the drawers were always icy!

Also reduced the overnight min temp' to 15 c rather than 16 c ( pre Cavity wall if the house got too cold overnight the external walls seemed to be icy until about 4pm. Feels like the CWI has improved that so next winter we may see further improvements)
​​​​​​​My wife feels the cold terribly as soon as she sits still even with 3 layers on, but we never have the 'stat above 20c and the TRV's in the bedrooms are never above 2.5.
Suppose we can just see how it goes.Rather have the account in credit than in debt.
25 quid;51822:
Good luck with your reduced usage @David71. Sounds like your changes should make a big difference...

Thanks 25 quid. I hope so!
Is there any sign of Pure Planet lowering gas prices that are now at a 10yr all time low & passing on the savings to its customers as Igloo has recently done ?
Has the rate drop already been announced, I can’t seem to find it anywhere?