Pure Planet's exciting new partnership with Hometree boiler, heating and home cover

  • 25 March 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi everyone,

We're excited to let you know we've partnered with Hometree, offering care plans for boilers, heating and homes.

We want our Members to have peace of mind, always, and we understand heating and boiler cover are an important part of this. We're really happy to introduce this partnership to you! 🙂

Hometree offer three tiers of cover: Your Boiler, Your Heating or Your Home:

You can check out their cover options and get a quote for your property here!👍

2 replies

Hi. I am interested in switching to Pure Planet and taking up the Hometree cover, but I was wondering what are the benefits of doing this through Pure Planet, as the cost seems to be the same as the cost quoted directly on the Hometree website. Are there any additional benefits? Thanks for your time.

Hey @Frazer66 and welcome to the Community. :slight_smile:

Great to hear you’re interested in joining PP - if you have any questions about the joining process, we’ll be happy to help! 

Good question RE Hometree - there’s no additional benefit for doing it through Pure Planet, to be honest! We like to help our Members find useful, like-minded, services - and hope this is one that’d prove useful to many Members. :thumbsup: