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Pure Planet promotions

  • 1 July 2020
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This page is updated by Pure Planet community managers whenever there’s a new promotion on our Refer a Friend rewards, or with price comparison websites.

We’ll post here with details of all active promotions.

Refer a friend

You can introduce as many friends as you like to Pure Planet (please do!) - and when a friend switches their energy to Pure Planet, you’ll share a £50 reward. 

You can choose whether to spend your voucher with Amazon, Asos, or donate it to charity through For Good Causes.

To refer a friend to Pure Planet, tap on 'Refer friends' in your account. :relaxed:

Money Supermarket and Money Saving Expert promotion

From 15 September to 22 September, if you switched to Pure Planet through Money Supermarket (MSM) or Money Saving Expert (MSE), you’ll receive a £22 bill credit.

From 23 September to 25 September, you’ll get a £15 bill credit. :tada:

The credit, £22 or £15 depending on the date you started your switch, will be applied on your third monthly statement. 

Money Saving Expert also run their own £25 cashback incentive - for any questions about that, please get in touch with them directly. 

Any questions about joining Pure Planet? Check out our Community’s joining and switching section:relaxed:

We doubled our refer a friend rewards for a limited time!

From 7 August until 30 September, we doubled our refer a friend rewards - if you referred a friend from 7 August - 30 September, and they switched to Pure Planet, you’ll each receive a £50 reward.

NHS staff offer

If you work for the NHS, we’re offering a £25 voucher when you switch to Pure Planet through this link.
The voucher can be spent at Amazon, Asos or donated to charity and is emailed to you once you’re on supply and have made your first payment.

It’s our small way of saying thank you! Your work is truly appreciated - as shown in this Community post! :blue_heart:


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