Pure Planet product and tech managers' replies to community members' questions about roadmap

  • 12 June 2019
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Hi everyone

Thanks for your fantastic questions about our tech and product here at Pure Planet.:)

Me and our head of technical design and delivery @HOB were really happy to see so many great questions posted in the community about what we're working on and what we've got planned for the future.

So here are the replies!

Question from @Jowl
Sounds great - looking forward to the Web app too. I do use the mobile App but I'm nearly always in a browser so a quick flick to the PP tab and having all my info would be great.
Will the info from our Smart Meters be available in app/web ? I'd like to see all the usual things - Current usage by Kwh, readings, cost since last statement etc
Thanks for your question Jowl and great to hear you’re also looking forward to the web app. Currently info from your Smart meter is displayed what’s called the IHD, or In-Home Display. It's paired up with your Smart meter and gives you information about energy use and the cost it's generating in real time.
We’re mandated by Ofgem to offer all our Members IHDs as part of the Smart meter installation.
We have plans to get your Smart data into your Pure Planet account, whether that’s app or web, so you can keep track of your usage wherever you are, and won’t need the IHD.
(We want to cut down on wastage and the manufacturing costs of IHDs as they’re made from plastic, and almost always end up in the kitchen drawer).
All the usual things you see in your app, such as usage by KwH or £, readings, etc, you’ll also see on the web.
Question from @Bev
Perhaps take away the need to physically type “Message the team”, Georgie, and have a box that automatically takes any messages to the team via a link perhaps? Just a way of alleviating the confusion and stress for newbies.

Hi @Bev, thanks for the suggestion and we agree that the current system can be a tad confusing if you aren’t used to it. As WattBot becomes smarter, and will start to have information about your account, we don’t want Members to get into the habit of going straight to the team if WattBot can help.
We now have a lot more resources dedicated just to WattBot and will be improving a tweaking his brain and the user experience to make everything easier and more seamless.

Question from @Gwyndy

It may be useful to add a 5th circle on the homepage, titled 'ask a question' or similar, where you could 'talk to' WattBot. Just adding a 'message the team' button could lead some to message the team instead of using WattBot, but at the moment the ability to ask questions appears to be too well hidden.
Hi @Gwyndy
That’s a very interesting point. And we’ve thought about this a lot. What’s stopped us from adding a WattBot link directly on the homescreen is that we think it might create lots of new questions which people can find the answer for. For example, we could get a lot of ‘How do I see my account’ questions which, if you tap on the menu, you’ll see right at the top.
But you’ve made a valid suggestion. It’s definitely something we’ll look into. There’s a fine balance between having help easily available when people need it, and making it too easy and obvious, so that it pushes up our costs. We know we’re not there yet and we don’t always have this balance right. We will get there, and the Community’s feedback is invaluable :)
Question from @woz

hi Helen and Georgie
One of the first things I suggested was the ability to use a web browser, that should be top of the list for demographic reasons alone.
Already mentioned a number of times, the ability to skip entering electric readings if you only want to enter gas. (yawn...I know....)
The paper bills you send out to deemed customers are clearly inadequate, they make people angry!
They need a large section on the top showing clear steps of how to deal with the bill/contact you etc.
but I'm sure all these are already on the list.
​I'd like to see a community select in the drop down section of the app so that I don't have to go backwards, and that sort of ties in with my previous communication with Marc about not always going back to the home page of community but back to where you were previously.

Hi @woz
Thanks as always for the questions and feedback.:foldedhands:
You’re right that deemed Members have a poor experience at the moment. Our web release next week will go a long way to making this better, with clearer instructions and signposting for those that have moved into a property supplied by us. This new functionality will be reflected in all the communications we send out to deemed Members.
As for skipping one meter reading — it’s on the roadmap :o
We’re working with our Community manager Marc about the point you make about the Community in your app. We know some users will want to go back to the last page they looked at, instead of the Community homepage each time.
Question from @Strutt G

It's fantastic, it's so refreshing that PP operates and values members thoughts and suggestions.
I agree with all the ideas and feedback especially on how to contact a team member v encouraging members to use the tools available.
It needs to be easier, but it needs some thought so that unnecessary members questions doesn’t lead to extra admin time that could lead to increased costs.
Hence the reason that the community was set up.
Web browser is a vital.
The option for multiple property or multiple supply to a property that could be managed easily from one account would be great.
I'm actually assisting my mate on his house with three meters and the supply options available.

Hi @Strutt G and thanks for those kind words.
Managing multiple properties is on our to-do list.
There’s a number of important pieces of work we’re doing first — like web and the Smart meter pilot and rollout. Once they’re out the door we believe that managing multiple accounts will be up there among the top priorities.
Questions from @Jon1

Hello to you both. Now i have had time to think i got a list of ideas. So here are the first few.
Short term. Dedicated acct managers with a link/button from the app/ web portal which allows me to contact my acct manager directly with problems. If genuine issue it gets answered if general crap acct manager can repost to the general community as a safeguard against abuse of the contact system. Build a rapport as contact will always be with the same person.
Mid term. Closer links to BP services in the form of discounts, bonus scheme,loyalty point style and other incentives.
Long term. A glut of subscription services are now on the market. Tea,coffee, wash powder, shaving stuff, toilet rolls.etc etc for an extra £1 per product per month this glut of subscription products are available via PP on the same at cost basis. Ok that ones out there but would be a viable stand alone business if someone had the nerve (and money) to set it up.
Hi @Jon1, thanks for all the feedback!
We like the idea of building a rapport with our Member services team. A button which gives direct contact to one specific person isn’t something we’re looking at. There’s too much risk as we’d need to consider people being on lunch break, or on holiday. It could be some account managers being snowed and others with little to do. Also we’re taking a digital approach, and this sounds a little bit too much like a call centre.
The other ideas about links to other services/subscriptions. These sound great. They’re not being built right now but our founders won’t rule anything out!
Question from @Jowl

With regards to a 'ask the team button' I think this is a great idea but perhaps it should first take you through a 'what is your message about' and then present a couple of links (to an FAQ / community post?) to see if it's already been answered. If not, the message will go to the team.

Good observation @Jowl. See the reply above :point_up: to the question from @Gwyndy. We do see cases of people asking questions that have already been answered by the Community, or by the community’s FAQs section. Anything we can do to raise awareness of this is going to be really useful.
Question from @Gabolino
My question/comment is about rewards... right now as a PP member we can earn community rewards and refer a friend rewards, which is great - definitely not the reason why we choose PP but a good incentive to get involved for sure.
Does it not make sense to create a unified rewards program which is also linked to our carbon savings as a PP member? It would be awesome to see something like this on the App: "You've earned x points this month by helping our community and bringing new friends to PP" and "You've helped to cut x amount of carbon"
What I’m talking about is some sort of carbon footprint dashboard.

Hi @Gabolino.
Great question. And yes, ultimately it does make sense to unify the rewards, and especially to reward Members who save the most carbon. Whether that can be tracked accurately and presented as attainable goals is going to be a challenge. We like a challenge!
Question from @marrow

Having the ability to submit a single meter reading would be great. Even just being able to enter the gas reading first would be much better; I can't think of any reason, technical or otherwise, why you shouldn't be able to do so.
Hi @marrow
We hear you. This is coming soon. We’ve got a few months of development planned, then this will be among some new features in autumn.

Thanks again everyone who got involved. Please do keep your feedback coming. Our community managers @Marc and @Nataly regularly post updates about our tech and product roadmap in the Testing and Feedback section here.


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Thanks for your feedback Georgie and PP
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Thanks for the feedbackk Georgie - great to have involvement with the devs and for us all help move PP forward 🙂
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Really appreciate your time and answers Georgie 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏