Pure Planet press release in response to Ofgem price cap announcement

  • 7 August 2019
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Hi everyone

Ofgem has announced a new energy price cap and we've issued a press release in response.

I thought our community Members would be interested in seeing the Pure Planet release.

We're also going to publish a new blog post today. I'll add a link to that when it's live.

Here's the press release:

Pure Planet’s response to new Price Cap level: save hundreds of pounds more by taking two minutes to choose renewables

Bath, 7 August 2019: Responding to Ofgem’s announcement of the new Price Cap level, Pure Planet’s co-founder Steven Day said: "It’s important to remember the cap is an annualised amount, so the £75 cut is actually only worth £37.50 over the six months it will be in effect from October - that’s a saving of just £6.25 a month or £1.44 a week on average.

"11 million variable rate tariff customers with the Big 6 can still save hundreds of pounds more, and help mitigate climate change, by switching.

"Don’t rely on the cap to save you money. Take two minutes to switch, and you’ll save hundreds of pounds more. There are more than 100 tariffs that are cheaper than the £1,179 average level of the new cap, many of which are green, renewable - and much better for the planet.

"Energy is more than a price. Householders can choose clean, renewable tariffs for far less than paying more for polluting power and help the planet.”

2 replies

I can’t open the smart meter link
Makes sense!