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Welcome to the Pure Planet community! Great to have you with us. We’re Marc, Nataly, and Mads, the Community Managers.

This is Marc.


This is Nat.


And this is Mads. 



This is Marc's cat, Jez.


And this is Nataly’s cat, Smudge.


We love pets here in the PP Community! Marc also likes coffee and tea, trying to eat healthily, gadgets and tech stuff, and of course getting more people to switch to renewables. :earth_americas:

Nat’s into holidays, baking, making up for the baking in the gym(!), and rugby.:rugby_football:

Mads is all about cooking (especially pasta), football, long walks, and believes a good strong cuppa can help in any situation. :coffee:

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Hi, My names Bev, and I switched to Pure Planet 💡at the start of this year. I love the whole cutting edge✂️ feel it gives, it has a great ethos, and the friendliness of the community 🤝is like no other provider out there.

I am very independent and just adore doing my own thing. Follow the Red Arrows ✈️and attend one or two, sometimes three or four, aviation shows through the year where possible.

Always been a keen follower of professional tennis 🎾since an early age, and been to Wimbledon six times. Fantastic experience. Rafa Nadel accidentally bumped into me at Wimbledon, whilst walking to the practice courts 🙀Hit my shoulder with his bag and bent over backwards to apologise💕!

I have Type One 💉diabetes, so try my best to keep healthy, with lots of vegetarian cooking, and healthy eating. I do have a massive addiction to crisps tho! Everything in moderation and all that! Diagnosed in 1987 aged 17, it’s been a massive part of my life, and despite excellent control, if I had just one wish in my life, it’d be to be free of the condition. Definitely.

I have worked in the NHS for most of my working life, and thoroughly enjoy it.

Lastly, I adore all animals, but I think my favourite has to be dogs 🐾🐶💕. I think I might even love them more than people 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭🤭

I’m really happy in life. Why go to expense and extreme when the wondrous things are right under your nose🐾🌳🍄🌹🌞🌟🌈❄️🦋🐝🐣🐶? My epitaph would have to read “enjoy the simple things in life” , as those are what give me the greatest pleasure.
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Hi everyone,


I'm Kyle, I'm a 4th year law student (yeah I know, why do that to yourself? 🤢). I am avid lover of movies and musicals (don't judge, there amazing 😂), I also greatly enioy cooking. I really should be writing a dissertation instead of this at the moment I suppose 🙄.


The reason I joined Pure Planet 💡 was that I purchased my first home at the end of last year 🎉. I was really looking for a supplier that would be environmentally friendly 🌲 and well cheap (Student life 🤷🏻‍♂️).


What didn't expect was how amazing they are, firstly the customer service was incredible. I was able to get an appointment for smart meters set up as the switch was happening thanks to the amazing Vicky, who also made the entire process stress free. Secondly, how easy it is to find an answer to any questions you have on the forum. So great.

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Hi all Ian here ,

I joined PP basically because of reviews and saving money , having been with shell energy for 3 years ,  cheap fixed rate for 2 years ( to get you sign up ) then the price doubled and I complained, got a price reduction but it meant signing up for another 2 years... Which stupidly I did...I got out as soon as I found PP , I paid the expensive get out early ( nearly £100 ) fine ,to come here and have been saving money since.

The misses doesn't know who we are with, to her it's just an energy company ,but she's noticed a slightly warmer home 😁 Chester the dog and the 3 chickens that tend to come into the conservatory and sit on the underfloor heating are all very happy.

Been very happy since moving to my new energy home , people I've contacted all seem nice , seems strange having a forum to post who the customers are ,but hay ho ,hear I am and there you are .


Hello, just switched to pp after getting fed up with my previous supplier. Am really enjoying the personal touch that pp offers and hoping that when I come to review the value in a years time that I have no reason to go anywhere else.
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Just had a call back that I requested yesterday regarding a refund and a reduction in my monthly payments. 

I spoke to Ed Smith from customer services and he was brilliant. 

He dropped my bill by £10 per month and I got a £80 refund which will be paid into my bank account within 5 days.

Brilliant customers service thank you so much Ed Smith. 10 outta 10. Its so nice to know that Pure Planet look after their customers. 

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hi RyanS
welcome to the community, you'll soon be de-eonised...
I'm sure you'll have fun here!

Apart from the standing charge (£13.50 if dual fuel) you will only ever be charged for what you use. I'm saying this because what you've written leads me to wonder why you would think that about E.on? I'm not defending them but they can only charge you for what you use
(unless you had a legacy warm home contract that wasn't directly related to consumption.)

With PP as long as you use roughly the amount you've been quoted for in a year, your DD won't change (your statement balance will always vary though) and if there is any significant difference in usage over a longer period (in theory your account should be reviewed at 6 months and a year) - PP will email you, or if you think your balance has gone too far out of kilter you can always ask for a review of your payments up or down.

Hi all, very recently changed across to PP from Eon. I have 14 days to activation.
Was with Eon for over 12 years, been meaning to change providers for ages and never got round to it. Always felt we were never using as much electricity as we were being charged. It's only my wife and I. Plus PP seems a much more ethical company.
Looking forward to feeling better about the electricity side of things! Like the idea of this community, I bet if Eon had a community it would just be riddled with complaints! Probably why they don't have one (as far as I can see).
Keep safe everyone,
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Lovely post Kyle and very big welcome. 


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Welcome Kyle, lovely to read such a positive post which echoes what the vast majority of us feel. You’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment and you are probably planning ahead to complete your Legal Practice Course so, pace yourself and good luck. 

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Hi Nataly/Marc, I've just signed up to PP so finding my way round all the info on Community. I would like to get involved in EV charging trials if still continuing. I have a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Solar Panels. My current supplier installed a SMARTS2 meter last year so good to go.

Hey @Wads, welcome to the Community! Nice one for getting involved :grinning:

Looks like @woz has already pointed you in the right direction towards our EVs section  where I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting discussions as well as updates about our EV pilot (latest update here), would love to hear your opinions!
It definitely sounds like you’ve got an interesting home energy setup :raised_hands:  (so you may also be interested in our All About Renewables section actually!).

Lots going on here as you can see! Looking forward to your future posts :thumbsup:

Hi all Alex here
I switched in November from NPower, my energy supplier for about 30 years!
Likely I will expand on my experience later in another post.

Absolutely no problem with switching into the PP app and disengaging with NP.
NP sent me a letter about leaving and indicated lower fuel rates for 2019, still not competitive with PP.
I was surprised by the PP base membership price increase as I would have thought that the membership growth would have offset any cost rise but I am more than happy with the switch, still looks like the best provider of fuel for cost and clean generation, both reasons close to my heart.
I work in the electrical supply industry and am amazed at how the industry is changing and appreciated what PP have done with a simple (!) consumer model.
I intend to keep up with the community all interesting stuff
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys it's very kind. Hope everyone is safe and well during this stressful time 😁.

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Just moved to Pure P. from Eon. It`s going to cost me £60 but am hoping the new rates will compensate.

I`m also pleased to be with a British company as 4 of the "Big Six " are German,Spanish and French owned.


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Hi, My name is Leslie, just joined.

Apart from the app being totally useless and never getting past can’t connect to servers on all my phones, all seems to be going ok so far.

I like everything being by email since I’m deaf and struggle with phones, and from looks of the posts here on forum the community seems quite good, which is always a nice thing.

Be safe & Be well all.


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Welcome 🙏 👐👋👋

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Hi Ryan - its a cool site with endless support welcoming input and feedback!
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Oh, what a lovely post, Kyle! I am sooooo pleased your experience with PP so far has been a really positive, and you’ve received such a stress free, smooth service 👍.

Great you’ve explored the forum, and found answers easily. Great to hear you love cooking! 👨🍳. We have a cookery thread in the Off Topic section, as well as baking! Do feel free to have a look, and hopefully you’ll post some of your recipes, or cooking pics! Be great to see! 

Hope you’ll be really happy in your new home 🏡, and enjoy spending time (if you find any free time whilst studying, cooking, and watching your films 😂) here in our community, with us fellow members. A very warm welcome, Kyle!

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Nice to meet you @KyleH

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Not wishing to sound too repetitive 😂, a very warm welcome to this community too Leslie. Glad you’re liking what you see so far, it’s a helpful and fun place to visit, and I hope you’ll enjoy finding your way around it 👍. Lots of queries answered by fellow members, as well as plenty of fun things in the Off Topic section. Enjoy! 

Not repetitive at all, actually really nice to see, appreciate the warm welcome and hope I can help others in some way at some point while I’m here.

Blessed Be

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A warm welcome! ..and thanks for the intro. 


Hi my name is Sue, I joined because I care for our planet and love the idea of not using fossil fuels. I’ve tried to get my family and friends to switch but having difficulty getting them to switch because there are a lot of reviews saying PP increases the cost once registered. My answer was, if they do, then it’s easy to switch. Can you clarify why there are the negative reviews

Hi, I have just joined because my tariff from my previous provider was running out and was recommended Pure Planet by Martin Lewis MSE energy website. The philosophy of being good for the environment appeals to us and we have solar panels to produce our own electricity. However we also like a good deal on our bills so we hope PP will give us this too!

I love spending time in our garden, growing fruit, veg and flowers. Here is a snap of some coming through this year.

That is enough for now

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Welcome to the community Kyle.👍😁

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A warm welcome @KyleH, great post and I’m sure you’ll be happy here (and I love Barbara Streisand, but so what...)


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hi @Wads welcome to the community!

have you read these?