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Hi all

We have some community news! Pure Planet is happy to welcome a new community manager to the team :D

Introducing @Nataly who will be helping us here in our fast-growing community. We’ve got a really active, fun and safe community and we’re really proud of that :heart:

We’ve got plans for more sections and more posts about renewable energy, EVs and anything else you’d like to see more of!

We think the community could support people who are really trying to make a difference where they live. And of course we love how our community Members get involved with testing and feedback, so we’d like to do more of that here, too.

I'll let @Nataly introduce herself to you guys.

It's exciting times at PP with some fantastic people joining us. Earlier this month we welcomed Al O to the team as our knowledge specialist.:up:

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Hey everyone,

Thanks @Marc for the intro post. :D

I’ve been working at Pure Planet over the last 6 months - I absolutely love the Community and the great feedback, energy and support you give us and each other.

Like Marc, I also love cats (though dogs are always welcome too) and have two of them -

Sinbad, named after a rugby player, though maybe not quite so agile...

and Smudge

I’m a big fan of rugby, playing piano and travelling. Having studied Spanish and Italian at uni I’ve lived in Barcelona and Tuscany, but they couldn’t quite tempt me away from the beautiful West Country.

I love working for Pure Planet and knowing that what we do here is helping the UK towards a sustainable future.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and helping grow this great Community!


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Hi Nataly,
BIG welcome to the community and congratulations on your new ‘career challenge ‘ . I’ve been ‘out of the loop’ for a week or so due to positive family demands (I.E. new baby granddaughter & also, my daughter moving house) , so, this is lovely news to come back to. Just a couple of questions, 1 - What is Marc’s new role and 2 - what rugby team do you support?
David j (Dai to my friends) 👍😄
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Very warm welcome to the PP community Nataly (nice spelling) 👍, and congratulations on being appointed to your new role 👍👏🎉.

Your cats look divine 💕🐱🐱🐾. You’ve probably already seen the Pet Photo thread 👍, and we’ve just started a monthly photo competition, just for fun, for members and staff 👍 📸.

It’s spooky you mentioning Tuscany, as I just this weekend made Tuscany soup! Divine! 😂 (we have a recipe /cookery thread here too 🥘🍽️)

hope you'll love your new work with PP, great to welcome you 🤝
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Hi @Nataly,

Thank you for your introduction - look forward to seeing more f your posts here in the Community and I'm sure @Marc Will be glad of the help - it's getting to be quite a busy area now 😉
David j;26453:
What is Marc’s new role

Chief Hammock Sitter 😂
If only!
I'm still going to be hanging around here with you guys @David j
Congrats on the new granddaughter btw! Bet it's keeping you busy! :rolleyes:
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All-Round congratulations to Y'all on this fine sunny day
Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome 🆒❤️
@David j
Straight to the important questions I see! Born and bred Gloucester fan over here. Do you have a team of choice?

Lovely family news, congratulations :)

As pointed out by @Scubaseahorse it's getting quite busy around these parts now so will be great to work with @Marc and make sure we can keep the Community up to date with everything you guys want to know about!
@Bev that's great, thanks for pointing me towards the Pet Photo thread, I'll definitely check that out and maybe even post some photos in there. Tuscany soup sounds great too! :o .. cute pets and good food, can't complain :up:

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Hi Nataly,
I played against Gloucester, back in the ‘amateur’ days of the 70s & 80s, always a tough encounter with passionate support - particularly from the “shed” area 😂. Ospreys is our local team but my wife and I follow several English & Irish clubs where we know some of the coaching staff.
David j;26526:

I played against Gloucester, back in the ‘amateur’ days of the 70s & 80s

Nice one @David j
What position did you play?
I was forced to play at school. Centre. Hated it! 😂
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Nice one @David j
What position did you play?
I was forced to play at school. Centre. Hated it! 😂

morning Marc,
Forcing someone to play always backfires- I attended a primary school where soccer was not alowed, so rugby in winter & cricket in summer. Played scrum half predominantly, however, I played on wing & fullback in days when only 2 substitutes could be used.
Hope you had a productive day yesterday,
​Dai ������������
David j;26526:
always a tough encounter with passionate support - particularly from the “shed” area

😂 yes the shed definitely know how to be vocal... I've never played the game myself but I think that'd be pretty terrifying!
@David j very impressive being able to play across different positions - did you also enjoy the cricket or was that one of the replacements for soccer?

Yesterday was great thanks - was lovely to meet some of the community members and hopefully they enjoyed meeting us too! :rolleyes:

Marc's just posted about the day and, as he said, if you're ever nearby and would like to pop in and see us, that'd be great 🆙

You can even see a photo of the visit on the post here.
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Welcome @Nataly !

But can we get one thing correct - it's football not soccer. 😃
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​And it’s tennis 🎾, not football ⚽️😂😂😂😉