Pure Planet Community September 2018 highlights - points earned and month's recap

  • 1 October 2018
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Hi folks

It’s time for the September 2018 Pure Planet Community highlights!

As we rush headlong towards Christmas and winter, take some time to grab a warming cuppa and catch up with the community latest.

It’s a been a busy month at PP HQ and we’ve got loads of new faces in the community. We’re now nearly 7,000-strong! :D

So what happened last month? Some September highlights

Member @Ianpocock is looking to join or start some community clean energy projects. If you’ve got any ideas he could look at, why not reply to his thread?

Now that we’re officially in Autumn, @Bev has started a new thread and poll on what is the ideal temperature to heat your home, but not break the bank.

For the technical among us, here is a great discussion about home automation - including how to switch off your lights by talking to your phone! :rolleyes:

And @PeterSeaman has a question about EVs for people who have disabilities. Tips most welcome. :up:

Looking ahead to October 2018

The big one, coming soon, is an app update. There’s so much new stuff which I will update everyone about once it’s live. It’s thanks to our Members for some top ideas and helpful feedback.:raisinghands:

Also coming soon is a fresh of the community’s homepage. It won’t be a radical redesign - more of a facelift - and I will post some images into the Testing and Feedback sub-board so you can take a look.

This month, me and my colleagues at Pure Planet are taking part in the global EcoChallenge. It’s a series of small challenges to make us kinder on the environment. It’s perfect for Pure Planet Members, as we know you care too.
Also, we want to beat all the other teams! Join us here.

Finally, I’ve created a new community section called ‘Ideas Board’ - which is for members to make suggestions and give feedback on other members’ ideas.
For now, while this new section is still getting started, it’s not viewable by all members yet. It’ll be open to all soon, but if you want a sneak peek or want to get involved now, just drop me a message.

Pure Planet Community Rewards for September 2018

Each month we say thanks to those who contribute to our community by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions on all things related to Pure Planet and renewable energy, and just generally keeping the community safe and fun.

So a big thank you to all of you wonderful members who have contributed. :heart:

Band One - 1,500 points: @Jon1; @woz; @Bev

Band Two - 1,000 points: @MrSmart; @Gabolino; @stephenrand; @Kniterella

Band Three - 500 points: @Mark boy; @AmyG; @UncleScooby; @PeterSeaman; @Tech; @dogman; @Timco; @Graeme; @DAJ; @Scubaseahorse; @ahmedhas; @Richie Rich; @Bala; @G4RHL; @jelockwood; @jacqueline12; @BobbyBland15; @Mashman5382; @Nickyarch; @Ianpocock

Band Four - 200 points: @Holzoola; @LadyBird; @Battytrish; @GregB; @Gallap; @Annbchristie; @Karlhughes77; @MikeyB1979; @Rjpritchard; @Papa K; @Leona; @Mandybarrett; @Charmaine123; @yaz; @Kolinka; @Talibkapasi; @Logan; @camiano; @Keith Spill; @Johnsmclean; @Faz; @Lornesom; @Rob C; @Sheila C; @SC1; @bluemosaic; @Kesto81; @Kitty73; @PP8Energy; @David j

Band Five - 100 points: @Smr; @CHa; @Eazitiger1980; @Denisa; @Sandgrounder; @PDG; @Dozer302; @georginabutcher; @adammarshall; @Mimmins; @Hevmo; @Ash F; @Victam59; @MulleJ01; @mjscrat; @dgilbert2; @demonjinn; @Jamesfarrant; @Angliaman; @flat2rathbone; @Harpreetjagdey;
@Richard b 1868; @Jonnybourne; @Johnde58; @petephughes; @Julianna; @Branston Steve; @Fuzzysb; @Jyo; @Rob123; @Saq; @ORH; @LauraM; @tomomasa; @sportymaestro; @mowestham; @Adeymars; @nedkat; @Sheps; @jerrycartlidge; @SylviaB; @Ben000; @Dannylee; @alansearle; @Raider1; @Ian1; @Rob86; @Bocaeagle; @AllyKatz; @PaulH; @Mathew; @Sharonleaf; @veegee24; @Kyleblockley

Here's a link to how the Pure Planet community points work which includes how much points are worth, guidance on how to earn points (without giving away our top secret formula!) and when you’ll be able to redeem your points.

That’s it for the September 2018 community round-up. Stay warm out there!

13 replies

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Always look forward to this each month 👍👏, comes round sooooo quick 🙀but always soooo informative, and a great read 👍. Thanks Marc
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Fantastic stuff. I love these posts because it shows how much is going on in the background. Keep it up!
New member on Pure Planet .Nice too meet you guys
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Welcome Adrian!
New member on Pure Planet .Nice too meet you guys

Welcome to the community @Adrian1980
Great to meet you 😃
Love this site.
Love this site.

Welcome @GinaRowe

Glad to hear it! ;)
What about it do you love the most?
charlie and the numbers
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Just seen this, what a brilliant concept, thank you 😮
Glad to hear you like it @dgilbert2
Thoughts/ideas on what we could do beyond the beta phase most welcome!
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I will do, thanks Marc 😮
Hi. I’m a newbie. Looking forward to seeing what’s new.
Welcome to the community @Marc247
Good to see another Marc with a C.
We more of those 😉