Pure Planet Community rewards programme - update December 2018

  • 1 December 2018
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Hi everyone

Great news! The Pure Planet Community rewards is now out of beta and is continuing with some extra features.

We launched the scheme as a six-month pilot in June 2018. It’s our way of saying thanks for participating in the Pure Planet community.

We love the community and we want to recognise members’ contributions and reward members who help others the most.

Here’s some of the feedback our Members had to say:

“Another great step by an innovative company”
“Super fab incentive. Really love it”
“Charity or support for sustainable projects would be a lovely idea”
“I think the points system sounds brill here’s hoping you will carry it on after December so I have a chance to build up”
“I'm looking forward to joining in with chats and hope to do more for the environment thanks all"
“Just seen this, what a brilliant concept, thank you”

The six-month pilot has ended, and Members will get their Amazon voucher codes sent to them (via private messages in the community) in batches over the next 10 to 14 days.

And we going to keep the community rewards going from 1 December onward. Like before, points will be redeemed as rewards every six months.

How much are my points worth?
We like to keep things simple, so 1 point is worth 1p.
This means 100 points = £1, and 200 points = £2, and so on.

How points are calculated is top secret (so nobody can be cheeky and game it!) but the more active and helpful you are, the more you earn.

How do I earn points?
Users in our community can earn points by contributing to our community in various ways, such as creating new useful content, helping other users out by answering questions and so on.

Each month we will split our most active users into five "bands" based on your contributions to the community.

These five bands will be awarded either 100, 200, 500, 1000 or 1500 Pure Planet Community Points worth £1, £2, £5, £10 or £15 respectively.

Bands will be assigned each month to users based on our community performance formula.
We can’t tell you exactly how the points are distributed throughout the community (we use a top secret formula!) but, in a nutshell, the more you contribute and the more active you are, the more you will earn.

We also have a special "Mystery Band" worth 2,500 points, or £25, for members who have made an outstanding contribution to the community.

For example, starting in January we’re planning on running a monthly photo competition in the community. Monthly winners are likely to qualify for the mystery band (nudge, wink!). We’ve also got 2nd generation smart meters coming in 2019 and community members could earn extra points by getting involved in the rollout.

Please be aware that as our community grows, the way we distribute our rewards (not the amount) may change depending on how many people participate. This means it may get harder to reach the higher bands as clearly our rewards budget cannot be limitless.

How will I know how many points I have earned each month?
Once members have been allocated their points each for the month, we will send you a Direct Message in the community.
We’re also planning to build it into the app so all members can see how many points they’ve earned so far.

Who can take part? Do I need to be a Pure Planet member?
You don't need to be a Pure Planet member to earn community points, but you do need to be on supply with Pure Planet to redeem your points every six months (every June and December), and turn them into a physical reward.

As well as being on supply to redeem your points, you will also need to have an active Direct Debit with us. And you won’t be able to take part if you have been banned from our community.

Can I donate my rewards to charity?
This wasn’t possible during our beta, but we’re hoping to make this available for the next redemption window in June 2019.
We know it’s a popular option.

Can I earn a zillion points by cheating?
Erm, no. We actively monitor the community and all ways to gain points. If we find evidence of artificial inflation, we will remove the points and ban users who abuse our system. Read our terms and conditions for more information.
Please earn your points the pure way.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
In simple terms, the more you put into the community, the more points you’re likely to earn.
But we have a strict budget, and this means that as the community grows, points will be spread over a larger base of members.
This means it may get harder to reach the same number of points.

What happens to my Pure Planet Community points if I switch to another supplier?
In order to redeem your points in the next redemption window you must be on supply with us and not be in the process of switching to another supplier.

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Really lovely this is 👍👏, and very generous of PP.
I received an Amazon gift card today! What a pleasant surprise :)

Marc, I also received my reward - a nice Christmas present. Great idea.
Hi @SteveB @Buchlyviebill
You're welcome!
Thanks for being part of the community 😃
I also received an award thank you for this..
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Same here, just had that nice surprise in my email. Thank you Pure Planet and especially Marc “SOLUTIONS MANAGER” I think. I have learned SO much from the other Community Members- I love that!!!!
Hi @David j
That's cool, I've never been a solutions manager before!
I can live with that 😉
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Very good inventive. Well done PP 👍
Who said points mean prizes?.
Who said points mean prizes?.

Someone on TV? 😉
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The late and great bless him 💪
Wondering how I have not been here before. Looking forward to the community chat and hope to join in where possible.😀
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Wondering how I have not been here before. Looking forward to the community chat and hope to join in where possible.😀

How long have you been hiding?😁 welcome and have fun.
Wondering how I have not been here before. Looking forward to the community chat and hope to join in where possible.

Welcome to the community!
Loving the username @euphoriabuzz :o
Here's a thread about getting started and a good place to say hi to other Members too 🆙
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Very good inventive. Well done PP 👍

WOW, can believe I've earnt some points! Fantastic, thanks very much 👍
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Cheered Marc / PP,

It's All very positive and encouraging.
It's amazing the amount time and effort community members assistist peeps with problems or advice. Keep on keepin on......