Pure Planet Community ideas board reaches centenary milestone

  • 4 September 2020
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Hi everyone

We have some fun news to share about our Pure Planet Community ideas board.

We’ve now implemented 100 ideas suggested by community members!

The Pure Planet ideas board is a community section where you can share your latest and greatest thoughts on how we can build the UK’s best energy company.

Some of the ideas posted over the last couple of years include:

More options for refer-a-friend rewards (suggested by @woz ); PP account management in web browser by @Gil ; FAQ on reasons PP may contact you by @Strutt G ; creating a list of WattBot phrases by @25 quid ; guidance on the six monthly account and DD reviews; more help for members moving into a new home on supply with PP; improvements to meter reading pages for Android by @Lenny ; SMS texts when there’s a reply waiting for you in WattBot by @Jon1 ; monthly statements accessible and downloadable by @Angelabikerbabe  ; account balance improvements; and more information on how to make one off payments.

Members have also used the ideas board to suggest new features for the community itself, including: 

Creating a glossary of energy terms by @Bev ; meter manual downloads by @woz ; asking new members not to put personal info in their community post by @Gwyndy ; a section for posts about carbon offsetting by @Oakbank ; suggest existing posts when users create new ones by @Duppy ; a monthly photo comp by @Bev ; and a community recipe board by @NannyOgg .

Until now the ideas board has been invite-only, but to mark this occasion of seeing 100 ideas come to fruition, we’ve opened it up to all! :blush:

So head over to the ideas board to let us know what you’d like Pure Planet to look into.

Here’s a few tips to help you get the most from this area of the community.

Because we can’t, of course, do everything and have to make some priorities, please don’t be too offended if some of your ideas - even the ones we love the most - aren’t actioned straight away.

To help keep things simple, these are the areas where we can prioritise:

  • Community - the platform, how it works, what kinds of boards and sections we have, what type of content you’d like to see, what you desperately need.
  • App - how it works, what it does, what it looks like.
  • Website - content, look and feel.
  • Billing - how much, how often.

What will happen once you’ve posted your idea?

It’ll be marked as ‘new’ so that other community members can upvote it and share their opinion. You can upvote others’ ideas too by using the upvote button (please do!).

Pure Planet Community ideas board upvoting


Members of the Pure Planet team will also jump in and ask questions to find out more information from you.

We’ll investigate the pros and cons of the idea, and may get back to you for further clarification.

As things progress we’ll keep you up to date on your idea’s status - for example “we’re looking into it”. 

For more info, check out the ideas board guidelines here

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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Fab! Maybe we’ll have a dog themed idea 101?

Look Pure Planet on TV


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Box 101 😀😀😀👎👎👎