Pure Planet Community highlights and points leaderboard for August 2019

  • 3 September 2019
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Hi everyone

Welcome to the August 2019 edition of the monthly Pure Planet Community highlights and points! :)

It’s been another massive month for our community with lots of exciting news and updates.

We at PP are hoping Members can help us with some @Bev posted this wonderful ‘squeaky and smoky’ halloumi and asparagus recipe which looks utterly delicious and very healthy!

In renewables news we’ve a lot of Members helping each other out with tips for saving energy and money. @Gwyndy is looking for a new computer monitor and has had some really fantastic replies from other Members, including @woz and @Jowl even if it did go a bit off-topic (how you doing @Jon1 ;))

@Bev has found a great use for the Pure Planet coffee cup which involves herbs, not beans, and @X Driver has used the community for advice on installing solar panels.

In August our featured community member in the ‘spotlight’ @Duppy had some top advice on LED lightbulbs, as well as his breakfast habits! And new member @Padstar wanted to know more about Pure Planet’s carbon offsets.

Here at PP HQ there was a small community platform update which fixed a few bugs affecting the layout of posts on mobile.

We’ve also posted a bunch of a new guides to getting the most out of the community - such as how to find your old posts, how to quote other Member's posts, how to follow a conversation.

Shout out to @woz and @Scubaseahorse and @X Driver who suggested these guides in the community’s ideas board section.

(The ideas board is currently invite-only. It's a place for community members to suggest new ideas that you think Pure Planet should do. If you'd like to take part, just send me a message and I'll add you!).

We’ve also posted new FAQ articles - including this one on how to get a meter moved.

In the world of smart meters, our team are still working hard to fix some IHD issues where usage isn’t appearing.

Now is also a good time to remind everyone getting a new 2nd generation (SMETS2) smart meter installed why we’ll still be asking for meter readings each month.

In other community news, would you change your birthday date if you could? It’s been another emotional rollercoaster following The Ashes - especially for @Jowl and @stephenrand and @David j and @Nataly.

@MrSmart started a top poll about electric vehicles - are you thinking about buying one anytime soon?

The winner of the August photo challenge - Human Powered Transport - was @DutchCaerleon with this great pic of four youngsters being pulled along in a cart.
The September photo theme is 'Favourite Summer photos' to keep everyone's spirits up following the return to school and work after a great summer!

Finally, thanks everyone who took part in a community Q&A with Pure Planet co-founder and CEO Andrew Ralston. I hope it was helpful and interesting!

Looking ahead to September 2019

There’s lots coming our way this month.

Starting in the community, we’re close to release a new piece of software which means when creating new posts the community will automatically show suggested existing posts and FAQs with similar titles. Cool, huh?! :D

And there’s a new national campaign starting in September to raise the Pure Planet profile - much more info about that coming soon.

Pure Planet Community rewards for August 2019

As you know, each month we say thanks to those who contribute to our community by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions on all things related to Pure Planet and renewable energy, and just generally keeping the community safe and fun.

Here's a link to how the Pure Planet community points work which includes how much points are worth, guidance on how to earn points (without giving away our top secret formula!) and when you’ll be able to redeem your points.

So a big thank you to all of you wonderful members who have contributed.:raisinghands:

Band One - 1,500 points: @woz @stephenrand @Duppy @Bev @Jon1 @Angelabikerbabe @X Driver @Gray4276

Band Two - 1,000 points: @Gwyndy @Lenny @Scubaseahorse @Erika123 @David j @Jowl @Oakbank @MrSmart @NannyOgg @LeonardW @Franklin @Brentstarburst @ChrisH @Pigsy10

Band Three - 500 points: @bobbin2u @Sohail1998 @Gingerbrettman @AB46 @Gabolino @hschhatwal @DRC @Happychick @Dmacfife @Daspy @G4RHL @Jenam93 @Latecomer @bendreux @ekranoplan @Averyp @Ged McFarlane

Band Four - 200 points: @richardkafton @cottontop @1cheesepasty @alinobs @ygurbani1 @schase @noonoo @Peggy @Marjola59 @Simoon @georginabutcher @glyn1 @Prince @GADA @Yan @Rosemary Sharp @Smordey

Band Five - 100 points: @Sel @Grawine @Beckham @Graeme @jonw @jelockwood @Simon jo @Rob123 @DJHL @marshallm @TheBunchBills @Guillaumelussato @Joao @David BellamysBeard @Sophie Star @redpola @MelsHouse @DigitalDave @Mattymoomoo

Mystery band - worth 2,500 points. This month our mystery band winner is @Jon1 for his great efforts to carbon-offset his airplane flights. Inspiring stuff!

That’s it for the August 2019 community highlights round-up. Thanks for checking it out! :o

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Where do these months go eh?! 🙀🙀🙀Passing us by soooooo fast! Love these monthly summaries 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏, such a great read, and amazing rewards given out 👏👏👏👏👍. Hey congrats Jonny, well done lad 👍🎉👍🎉👍🎉👍✈️🏝️. Thank you PP 👍
Another great monthly review..... I agree @Bev....the months just seem to be flying ✈️ by

Well done to all of the contributors to the Community forum
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Wow thanks to all the team for another great month. Bonus points for talking about something i already do, i can see some more offsetting coming up.
Keep up the great work one and all.
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Thanks to @Marc and @Nataly for keeping this community board so vibrant, you both do a great job 👏👏👏
Congratulations @Jon1
Thanks to @Marc and @Nataly for keeping this community board so vibrant, you both do a great job

Hi @Scubaseahorse nice of you to say so, but it's all the Members who make a community what it is ⭕heart:
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And there’s a new national campaign starting in September to raise the Pure Planet profile - much more info about that coming soon.”

I was only thinking the other day, I wonder if PP will consider advertising themselves soon, as still soooo many haven’t heard of you 😩😩😩
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There is only one thing you can do with the bonus points i receive for talking about carbon off setting and thats to offset some more.
Thanks again pure planet team.