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Hi everyone,

You might have seen our new ad over the past few days. It’s a very simple chart, showing a very powerful message: don’t burn your money with the Big price 6.

Download the Pure Planet app now to see what you’ll save​

You can see how much you can save with Pure Planet and our energy is 100% fresh, clean renewable. No pollution; better value. We pass all your energy across at the price we pay for it, with no markup.

The cost comparisons are based on the British average yearly consumption of 3,100 kWh electricity and 12,500 kwh of gas. With us, we’ve calculated you’d make an average saving of £239. That’s like getting a 1% pay rise for the average wage earner without having to ask the boss.

Here’s an expanded view of our graph, where you can see how this saving looks as a percentage. There’s some pretty good numbers in here too:

So, what are you waiting for? Switch now. It takes less than 60 seconds. Your power will always stay on, no-one needs to visit your home and there’s no need to contact your old supplier.

And if you think you’ve made a smart choice, please tell your friends about us too!

Already switched to us? What motivated you more - the price or the fact that our power is 100% renewable?

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If I am being honest it is the price, that the energy comes from renewables comes as a big bonus though!
I'm a bit dubious to this as with our company at the moment we're paying over £1800 per annum, according to Pure Planet we will only pay approx a quarter of this!
Am I being taken for a ride as I find it too good to be true!!!???
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Hi @Cazz and welcome! A lot of newcomers are seeing a big saving. When you got a quote, did you enter your exact usage?
Yes I did, it was the annual consumption on a recent bill

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Yes I did, it was the annual consumption on a recent bill
Hi Cazz. I joined Pure Planet 4 months ago and saved £900 a year. If you put in your actual annual usage from a recent bill then your quote's accurate - it's calculated on the energy you've used. But your saving seems really big so it could be your direct debit with your current energy provider is set way too high at the moment - if that's the case you'll end up with a credit back from them. That happened to me - had £1,000 refund when I left my old energy company.
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Well it sounds like you'll make quite a saving then @Cazz 🙂. Are you going to sign up? We'll handle the whole switch for you and you're free to stay or to leave at any time. Do you have any other questions?
I'very already signed up, be daft not to! At the moment we are paying £168 a month, with you guys it will be £48, a saving of £120 a month!
it's a no brainer!
I was being nosey found the pure planet app matched with the big 6 and my own Sainsburys who are British gas. They could not get near these prices so I changed to pure planet. The less I hear from them the better
How it should be. Only thing their are no back up numbers I can ring.
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Hi @Casper58, welcome aboard! Great to see you here in the community too. Was the switch easy?
I'very already signed up, be daft not to! At the moment we are paying £168 a month, with you guys it will be £48, a saving of £120 a month!
it's a no brainer!

Am I missing something here, but won't £20 of the £48 be the two £10 payments for each fuel ' membership'? So you're only using £28 worth of fuel ? That you were paying £160+ for ??? Wow .
Hello, I've just joined but was a little surprised you didn't ask for existing supplier. Could you confirm everything is fine. Just me being careful 🙂
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Hi @HST43179 and welcome! Don't worry about that, as we handle the entire switch. That includes talking to your old supplier if we need to 🙂. You're all set! Any other questions?
Hi Guys,
Never heard of this company before just took a leap of faith. How long does it take for switch over. What do I do next?
Welcome @DG2, nice to meet you!

Have a look at this post, I believe it covers all you need to know about switching to us.

By the way, where did you hear about us?
I read in the T and C’s a deposit of up to 3 months may be taken and retained upon joining. Please advise ?
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Hi @acch and welcome!
This point in the Ts & Cs relates to a certain kind of payment that members can use if they need to. A security deposit can be used an alternative if other payment options are not suitable, which is dependent on the outcome of a credit check. This is only ever used in a small number of cases and most members use our normal Direct Debit system. Hope that helps!