One small step. One big cut in your carbon emissions

  • 21 June 2017
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At Pure Planet, 100% of our electricity comes from sun, wind and water. It generates zero carbon to power your home.

That’s very different from the Big 6, who source a lot of their electricity from an old fashioned mix of coal, gas, nuclear and no more than a third from renewable sources.

The average home needs 3,100 kWhs of electricity each year. How that’s generated makes a real difference to your carbon footprint. Take a look:

So how many trees would it take to lock up and neutralise all those emissions over a year? A staggering amount. With British Gas you’d need 212 trees working for a year to offset the carbon emissions, whilst with Scottish Power you’d need 713 trees working for a year.*

If you’re among the 19 million people on a Big 6’s standard variable rate tariff, it’s not just hurting your wallet, it’s hurting the world around you. Each year, the electricity generated for those 19 million homes sends 16 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere#.

So switch to better. Enjoy electricity that’s generated with zero carbon emissions. And if you’re on gas as well, we carbon offset 100% of the gas you use. For the average household that’s 2,312kg+ of total carbon emissions we’ll make better each year. That’s enough carbon to fill a hot air balloon, neutralised.

Join Pure Planet. Smaller carbon footprint. Bigger feel good factor.

*Forestry Commision: How trees can reduce climate change; August 2016 (1 tree locks up 2 kg CO2 each year).
# Ofgem customer data 2016; Ofgem average domestic usage figure: 3,100 electricity. Average of 0.273 kg CO2 / kWh . CO2 emission from generation data:; fuel mix of Domestic Energy Providers latest as at 11 June 2017).
+ Ofgem average domestic usage figure of 12,500 kWh gas; DEFRA of 0.184 kg CO2 / kWh

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