New ways to spend your rewards when you refer family and friends to Pure Planet

  • 27 November 2019
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Great news! From today we’re giving Members new way ways to spend your rewards when you refer family and friends to Pure Planet.

We know that the community has been asking for this for ages. Thanks to some prep work carried out in the summer, we can now go live with new reward partners.

As from today when you refer a friend or family member who joins Pure Planet, you’ve got a choice of how to spend your reward:

  • Donate it to a selection of charities using For Good Causes
  • Online fashion retailer Asos
  • Or stick with Amazon

It’s up to you!

How does it work?

You can choose your preferred reward once your friend’s switch is complete and their first payment has been made.

Our rewards partner Giftcloud sends you an email with a link in it. The link takes you to a page where you select the voucher you want.

If you want to donate your reward to charity via For Good Causes - you’ll then be directed to their website to pick which charities you’d like to support.

We’ve had lots of feedback in the community that not everyone wants Amazon vouchers — for various reasons.

The community has been keen to introduce a charity option, and we’re excited about ASOS’ ‘responsible edits’ which showcase recycled, organic, water efficient, ethically sourced and sustainably produced items.

We’ll be emailing all Members about this exciting news today.

And don’t forget, we’ve just extended our doubled refer a friend rewards (that’s £50 each) until 6 January! 😍

That’s it for now. Any questions? Let’s talk about them in the replies below.

Update 18 Feb 2021

Unfortunately our charity option For Good Causes has ceased to trade. 

You can continue to use your rewards with: 

John Lewis
National Book Tokens
Uber Eats

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