New offer for anyone who moves into a home already on supply with Pure Planet

  • 16 October 2019
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Hi everyone

We’ve got some exciting news to share about a new reward for choosing Pure Planet!

Thanks to a small app update today we’re now offering anyone who’s moved into a property already on supply with Pure Planet a small thank-you for staying with us.

As well as getting cleaner, cheaper energy with a zero mark-up on prices, we’re also offering £25 credit to your account if you stay with PP.

When you move into a new home already on supply with PP, you already get a letter in the post telling you all about us. From now this letter includes simple instructions on how to enter a unique, one-off code when you join us on our website.

Using this code gives you a £25 reward which is credited on your third month with Pure Planet.

For those Members who’ve told us that they wanted to be given alternatives to Amazon vouchers for referring family and friends to PP, you may be interested to see that this new offer is for credit, not Amazon vouchers.:)

We’re going to spend a bit of time making sure that this credit to account works smoothly before we look at offering it as an alternative for referrals in the near future.:up:

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It's good to see that you have put a 3 month qualifying period, I think this should apply to all switchers, to try to avoid the serial rewards hoppers