Looking ahead to Winter fuel bills and higher Direct Debit payments

  • 28 August 2020
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Hi everyone, 

Believe it or not, we’re approaching the end of August, and with that, colder weather is looming… 

We’ve posted a new blog all about thinking ahead to winter fuel bills - of course, this isn’t always the most fun thing to do, but it’s important, too. 

At Pure Planet we don’t like our Members to build a large credit or debit with us - we vary the Direct Debit during the year. In the warmer summer months, when typically you use less gas and electricity, the DD payment is lower. And in winter, when the heating is on, the DD is higher.

The DD amounts change on 1 April and 1 October each year. 
You can check what your DD is going to be from October in your app or online account, under ‘Balance & Payments’. 

We do review your DD payments every six months, and look at your energy usage over a full 12 month period. This makes sure your payments align with your actual usage, keeps your account on track, and also helps meet Ofgem’s requirements not to build up large balances or debts on anyone’s account. 

We know that some Members would like us to consider a flat DD rate throughout the year - for now, we think the seasonal rates work for the majority. We think the DD split keeps things fair, and helps avoid any large debts in Winter, too. 

Shout out to @Jon1@woz  and @Rds261189 for their recent fantastic advice and conversation around this topic - it’s a great example of how the split DDs can work for you 🙂

Any questions? Let’s chat about them in the replies below! :thumbsup:

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5 replies

Who can believe that we’re already heading into October tomorrow! 

Just a final reminder that your Direct Debit will be moving into the ‘colder month’, higher period from tomorrow - you can view a full breakdown of your monthly payments in your account under ‘balance and payments’. :thumbsup:

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... the weather couldn’t wait it’s already * miserable 

*insert your favourite word

I do not agree with the new winter direct debit . I am alone in the house whereas last year 2-3 people lived here. My account is in credit which I want put back into my account. The direct debit is the highest price I have paid in my life for fuel fuel energy. I cannot afford to be bankrupted saving the planet!

Use the ☰ menu and Get Help and Support and ask The Wattbot to review your account. You’ll be able to agree new payments if appropriate.

Hey @Ladysuz 

That’s spot on from @25 quid :slight_smile:  you can request an account review at any time by heading to ‘balance and payments’ and selecting ‘review my account now’. There’s more info on that in our FAQs, too :thumbsup: