June 2021 Pure Planet Community highlights and points round-up

June  2021 Pure Planet Community highlights and points round-up
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Pure Planet Community highlights and points round-up for June 2021!

We’re now halfway through the year, how quickly time flies, we’ve had some spells of sunshine, and also some rainy days to help all of the hayfever sufferers among us. We asked what your favourite thing to do on a rainy day is, @Strutt G recommended a good splash in the mud, which had us all laughing!

June’s ‘Nature and Wildlife’ photo challenge had not one, but three fabulous winners; @Angelabikerbabe, @25 quid and @G4RHL. They’ve chosen the wonderful theme of ‘Food’ for July, we’re sure there will be quite the feast for the eyes incoming! June’s photo challenge saw the Pure Planet team get involved too, check out Jenny’s (@placidhouse) amazing butterfly shot:


Our Community spotlight this month shone on Alex, our wonderful content creator here at PP, featuring her incredible picture of the New York skyline.  We’ve debated the all important question: is football coming home? While we were also happy to see some of you aren’t going anywhere, thank you @Rds261189 and @Jowl for spreading the love. Duppy also warmed our hearts by sharing his fabulous energy related Father’s day card!

With the weather improving @Angelabikerbabe brought the sunshine to the Community, sharing her gorgeous holiday pics. @25 quid got us talking about life’s little annoyances, @Antski shared the trials and tribulations of the dreaded job interview. @NannyOgg had us laughing with funny things that kids say and @Bev has joined @woz in posting on the community over 10,000 times - amazing stuff!


June also saw some sustainable triumphs! @schase shared the bag he’s been using for the past decade, a bag which has been going strong since 1996! We also celebrated Global Wind Day with a quiz and took a look at the new ‘eco-art’ tulip turbines, which received mixed reviews, @Strutt G thought they were rather cool, while @Bev might need some convincing. @DJGShef shared the news of a Hive app upgrade, as well as giving information on how their products can help us to be more energy efficient, brilliant!

We asked you if the sustainable concerns surrounding commercial fishing would change your fish eating habits, @Bev and @Mark Pocock shared their favourite fish alternatives for us to try. @Antski shared an excellent review of Smol washing capsules. Meanwhile @woz had the bright idea (pun intended) to spark an interesting discussion after sharing that Halogen light bulbs (for your home) can no longer be sold after September 2021

We welcomed in London Climate Action Week by setting ourselves challenges to get to Net Zero, whether that was to eat locally grown produce, avoid eating meat, or to swap the car for your feet!

We also introduced PP’s very own woodland Winsley woods, where we planted 140 trees earlier on this year. We wanted to share this news after some of our team paid a visit to the woods this month!


June was an exciting time for news in the Pure Planet world, we kicked off the month by introducing our first ever 24 month tariff! Then onto the big news... our new app was released, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped test it! Our new app has some great features, including a fab new section dedicated to cars, as well as new and improved energy usage graphs. Our new app has bid farewell to the ‘moons’ our old app used to feature on its homepage, @25 quid started an interesting poll asking if anyone misses the little moons, luckily we think the new updates make up for it!

We also launched a competition to win a £200 canopy and stars voucher, for a gorgeous glamping trip! We shared some previews of the new fab Community features coming soon, including an improved menu navigation and ideas board, and a new products section! We've posted a new community guide to smart meters, a big thanks to members @woz@G4RHL@Bev@Duppy@Strutt G@Gwyndy@MrSmart and @schase who all made great contributions to this. 

We announced our new solar panels and home battery storage pilot with Lightsource Labs, due to take place later this summer, so if you're interested in getting involved let us know! 

As we roll into July there is plenty to be excited about! Our Community badges are having a revamp, we’ve shared some designs with all and we’d love to know what you think! App notifications may be heading your way very shortly too…watch this space and bring on July!

Each month we say thanks to those who contribute to our community by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions on all things related to Pure Planet and renewable energy, and just generally keeping the community safe and fun.

Here's a quick guide to how the Pure Planet community points work which includes how much points are worth, guidance on how to earn points (without giving away our top secret formula!) and when you’ll be able to redeem your points.

Band One - 1,500 points: 

@Bev @25 quid @Angelabikerbabe @Strutt G @woz @G4RHL @Duppy 

Band Two - 1,000 points: 

@Scubaseahorse @Gwyndy @NannyOgg @stephenrand @Jowl @Rds261189 @Lapa @Antski @David j @Vazzer 

Band Three - 500 points:

@myauntie @Mark Pocock @danlovesdogs @schase @NotVeryImpressed @Cjl73 @Kerrywerrywoo @weird_dave @flame @LucyBNeal @A.fielding @sonar @Virajbmt @Swanman 

Band Four - 200 points:

@YanVal @Primary address @DJGShef @Nik123 @J And @MarkPainter @LauraM @Scarlets Bloke @Yakka @W R @Barca54 @rodgersowl @Goldwing Dougal @Tracy May @Jacktar @Say goodbye to PureP@Loz95 

Band Five - 100 points:

@The Hollow @Al P @MrSmart @nedkat @Sean Townsend @JamesL @Shruthi @adrian533 @roxy9420 @The Thinker @TallFerret @sonali Jayasinghe @Jodie94 @andrewwconnor @Barry Frost @Robbie Boy @bonanza @F3rritt @Catalina DZ @gjones57  

That’s it for the June community round-up. Thanks for checking it out!

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@Mads thank you! This community has been a great help to me and my family since moving into our dream home, thank you everyone!

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Thanks @Mads 

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Great round up,, thanks @Mads  It really is crazy that we are into the second half of the year!!

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Another great round-up! 👍👍👍

Such alot happened. .

Thanks for the points 👍👍👍

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Thanks @Mads great round up.  👍👍👍👍👍So much happened in June, I don't know how you all keep up with it all 

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Thank you so much for the points - really appreciated.
It’s not the value so much as just being thanked that is great. :D

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Cheers and big up for the PP Team!

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Wowsa Mads 😳, that was your first ever monthly summary, and sooooooo newsy! 👏👏👏👏You forget just how much happens in one month, til it’s all rounded up! I don’t think you missed a single there! Impressed! 👍👏

These monthly summaries truly show the huge effort that goes into this community from the three of you 👏👏👏, Mads, Nat and Marc. Hope it continues to grow bigger and stronger. And as always, the points are sooooooo a lovely generous touch. Thank you 

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What a month it’s been!  Thanks to everyone for your lovely feedback about my butterfly photo, truly a favourite of mine!

HUGE congrats to the photo challenge winners!

Let’s make July just as smashing :)

Thank you so much for the points - really appreciated.
It’s not the value so much as just being thanked that is great. :D

Great reply @MarkPainter and yes, I agree 100% :relaxed: Nice one for getting stuck in! 

@Mads thank you! This community has been a great help to me and my family since moving into our dream home, thank you everyone!

That’s absolutely brilliant to hear @LucyBNeal, you’re very welcome! I hope the unpacking is going well, lots of tea breaks too I hope :smile:

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Thank you 😊