In our smart meters pilot? Look out for a text message about your installation

  • 11 June 2019
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Hi everyone

A quick update for any of our Members who've kindly offered to be part of our 2nd generation smart meters pilot.

As we start to install the SMETS2 meters in new locations we're going to be sending a SMS text message to you.

The text will read:

Great news! We're in your area installing Smart meters. To get yours booked in, please call Magnum Utilities (Our Smart installation provider) on .

They'll do some quick checks to ensure your property is suitable. All our Smart installations are free of charge.

If you're reading this post and haven't yet registered your interest in getting a smart meter, you can
do so on our website here.

We're also compiling a new section in our
FAQs all about smart meters which has got lots of useful info.

3 replies

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Hope I get one about my gas meter soon. Leccy is done
Looking to get one installed ASAP please. Are you installing in Scotland?
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Hi Dmacfife,

I believe Marc's above message from Pure Planet is clear and just out of curiosity as a fellow customer, have you registered your interest?

If not follow this the registration form.

I would suggest installation being ASAP might be a tall order.
PP has been regularly advising and providing updates about its testing and pilot stages, which in my view is a very sensible approach.


​Good luck